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🔥 17 Gründe, warum OxygenOS besser ist als Stock Android

Ist Android auf Lager perfekt? Das glauben wir bestimmt nicht. OxygenOS versorgt OnePlus-Smartphones mit Strom. Es bietet verschiedene Optimierungen und Funktionen, die es zu einer besseren Wahl gegenüber Standard-Android machen. In diesem Video erklären wir, warum wir so denken. Wir geben Ihnen 17 Gründe, warum OxygenOS jeden Tag besser ist als Android.

Verwenden Sie Stock Android oder OxygenOS? Welches bevorzugen Sie? Lass es uns im Kommentarbereich unten wissen und vergiss nicht, an unserer Umfrage (im Video) teilzunehmen.

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  1. Yes we also like oxygen os

  2. Colour OS 6 also have all the features described by you…
    I love it… Colour Od

  3. Naming is misleading It should be called Oxygen UI

  4. Watching on my 6T, phones functions as fast as it was on the day unboxed it.


  6. I tried all os but Oxygen OS is untouchable

  7. My phone is lg v30 plus using anroid 8… Every feature is available in my phone…. Its not the OS. . ITS THE FEATURE OF THE PHONE…

  8. My Vivo at half the price has good Fucontosh Os which can challenge OnePlus 5+ software anytime

  9. Watching on my oneplus 7 true oxygen os is better than stock android no doubt

  10. All this equally present in miui

  11. All well and true; however, when it comes to timely updates from Google, Oxygen OS lucks out like all other Android Skins.

  12. Colour Os is equally great like Oxygen Os. After all, One Plus is the brainchild of Oppo. 😂🤣

  13. How about Google feed on native Oxygen Launcher on OnePlus 7 Pro?. Please allow left most screen with Google Discover on OnePlus 7 Pro. I can NOT do left swipe for Google Discover. I had to install Nova Launcher. I want to keep the stock OnePlus Launcher. Please help.

  14. Still a happy OnePlus 5 user…

  15. Badhiya video banaya ye ladka.

  16. Oxygen OS is very fluidic as compared to stock android. Perhaps the smoothest operative system for Android in the market today.

  17. OneUI has much more and better features than Oxygen Is with a little trade of at speed. Which you can customise with changing animation to 0.5X duration scale. Android is know for features and stock and oxygen os lacks them. If these teny tiny customisation makes in awe then One UI will take you heaven.

  18. TRUE . stock android sucks , no features irritating white them .
    BEST software=
    oxygen OS and samsung one ui

  19. Whether it's oxygen, nitrogen or helium, nothing beats Stock Android. Minimum bugs, maximum security, timely software updates, smooth interface, minimal bloatware ensure optimal space utilisation and very uncluttered and easy to use.

  20. Sir oxygen os is always give update or not

  21. Miui is very similar to oxygen ox

  22. Oxygen os is better then stock android

  23. MIUI is the best after turning off the ads…

  24. I prefer stock android over oxygen os.

  25. Great video. Thanks for showing why stock Android is not as good as oxygen os.

  26. What about OxygenOS vs MIUI?

  27. MIUI already have all this features

  28. Sir one plus 5t q update ???? Date

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