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10 Geniale Autoerfindungen & Technologien

Lass dich von diesen unglaublichen Auto-Innovationen der nächsten Stufe überraschen!









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  1. What a lot of rubbish. What’s the point of the car in the bag or did I miss it?

  2. I refuse to watch Freeze Lists videos, TOO MANY ADS

  3. came to watch a video..NOT commercials in between buh bye

  4. I suppose putting your car in a big plastic bag would protect it against floods but…

  5. Who would want to protect a Nisan Juke? Terrible car to look at. Terrible car to drive. Terrible insides. Just a Terrible car XD

  6. 10:05 Um cool. But can't you just…get a portable steel table for like…$100 less than that? Is the appeal just that your tire is more stable?

  7. The car bag is hilarious. So maybe NINE ingenius inventions.

  8. That BOSE suspension system looks great. Sure could use it on my daily drive to work where my tires come back from Australia with their passports stamped…

    The airless tires however… I can see law enforcement pushing back on those. Unless there's some other way to disable a vehicle in a pursuit other than taking out the driver or engine should the Precision Immobilization Technique fail.

  9. The phrase "now I have seen it all" does not apply here. "Now I have seen nothing" Glad one can FF through click baits. 😀

  10. 5:20 For those times when those pesky ballon cars run into you.

  11. The extra value viewing system, depends on all the cars around you to have the system, for it to work.
    The tweels, or puncture proof tire system has been around for years, on lawn mowers and farm tractors.
    The parked car. Ventilation system was available years ago, and might be worth the expense.

  12. Do you think there is a reason they test the external air bag with a blow up car? Not a real car that would puncture that bag in a heart beat. Even if it didn't the protected car would still be crushed. That's one scam that will never make the market. Air bag don't protect hard thing from hard things. They protect soft things from hard things.

  13. 5:13 – they trust their product so little, they won't even hit it with a real car lol

  14. Good video 10 Ingenious Car Inventions & Technologies This From Freeze Lists

  15. Suspension and tyres winners, most others bs!

  16. I would expect the external airbag to save you from being hurt by a balloon car. 👎

  17. I think best combination will come out when Bose suspension and puncture less tubes….

  18. So funny my father is in the board management of one of the companies and I’ve been watching you’re vids for ages😂😂😂👍🏻

  19. Not first comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💛❤

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