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10+ überraschende Fakten über HUAWEI – ist es böse?

10+ überraschende Fakten über HUAWEI COMPANY – Ist es böse?

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Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. ist ein chinesischer multinationaler Hersteller von Telekommunikationsgeräten und Unterhaltungselektronik mit Hauptsitz in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Huawei wurde 1987 gegründet.

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  1. HIAWEI is an emplyee owned company.

  2. Its the one who cutting down the evil and we all know that

  3. Hauwei aren't spies , Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Cisco are spies for the American government and funded by the billions to spy on people by the government.

  4. Watching this with my Huawei Y9 2019!

  5. When Huawei is ban, the first question that comes into my mind is:
    When did Huawei start to research and produce "washing powder"?

  6. When we look at the history of United Snake, Americunts are the most disgusting in this entire world. They've said that in the 239 years of the founding of the United Snakes, 222 wars were fought. Not a single Americunt president from the 239 years is a peace president and they are all disgusting trouble makers and war mongers. Every president has participated in or at least launched a war during their term as President, and they are so proud of that. All their hands are covered with the blood from the countless innocent people of the world including children, infants, old and sick people.
    The United Snakes likes to boast to the world that it is a country that speaks of democracy and speaks about human rights. Actually, it is the most sinful country against humanity, against human rights and anti-democracy and free market but see what they are doing to Huawei just because they cannot compete with Huawei. I don’t know how many people were killed by their guns, missiles, bombs and chemicals such as Agent Orange.

  7. There are a lot of dumbasses out there thinking the Communist Chinese government own Huawei is the victim and is the good guy here…

    Go do some research who Huawei really is before feel sorry for Huawei…


  9. Let's just say US is afraid of how Huawei is coming up in the market they are just afraid of the competition Huawei is taking over mobile tech in planet earth

  10. Adding light to a dark topic….thanks

  11. THIS American loves this company……NOT a 'Trumpanzee'……

  12. It's pronounced 'WA-WE'!!! WORK on my Canadian Friend…… LOL!!!

  13. you say "espionage issues" but i m not really seeing them. I believe that letting that comment hang out there, unsupported, does not really help me.

  14. Don't be a clickbaity channel please.

  15. Well, am sure Motorola did it (spying) !

  16. buy a cheap huawei and get a job for $10 hr or buy higher price google pixel and get a job $40 hr, which one you choose?

  17. Usa just know to make war only..uncivilized but act liked the owner of the world..

  18. Trust me…if there is a ever an evil thing in this planet..The government United States of America is pure evil …so just take a good and deep look in the mirror before spewing out garbage …

  19. Japanese war criminals wanting for massacres of millions in Asia became CEOs of most corporations supplying goods to the US. Did US presidents ban their products? There's no friendship in the US unless you're rich.

  20. Trump goes a little deeper. Remember the U.S Humvee that China copied and built a prototype and named it Dongfeng EQ2050? There are a few more taken/copied from the U.S military. Trump is trying do the impossible that even the rest of the world combined would not touch. Got it? China don't answer to anyone and don't play by the rules. China plays by China rules.

  21. Hm.. 5G technology from US.. and google, facebook and Youtube is not link together with U.S Govt

  22. trump sobrang mahal ng iphone nyo kaya wala bibili yan huawei is the best among the rest hahahahah

  23. Huawei much better than iPhone

  24. It's pronounced wah way.

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