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& # 39; Bringen Sie den nationalen Dienst für Teenager zurück & # 39; Ich das Versprechen

Trevor Phillips glaubt, dass der nationale Dienst für 16-Jährige viel Gutes bewirken würde. Hier ist der Grund.

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  1. No National Serice, Fact: past and present Governments will not help veterans and those serving. What this countries MP's need to do is to live on benefits for 12 months and in social housing, then and only then will they realize what is happening in the real world.

  2. Teaches discipline, respect, work ethic, and self worth. Everything a lot of the youth of today is missing. What’s wrong with that?


  4. Trevor has mentioned a few times about the lack of Muslims in the north of England, very odd. Manchester for instance is cited as 15.8% Muslim I also believe it is in the north,

  5. National Service would turn boys into men. I knowbecause I was a National Service man in 1952 and learnt to live a crimeless life.

  6. Fighting for globalist wars and ending up with PTSD and no veteran care has been neither beneficial for the community nor increased freedom throughout the world.

  7. Why do middle aged men who never did national service seem to get a hard on for young people to be conscripted?

  8. The propaganda that people with different skin color dont get along is absolutely hilarious! people get along just fine its just media trying to stir race war for their own agenda

  9. 'National' service in the new EU military. NO THANKS

  10. Bring back punching in the face for shittalkers. Peace…

  11. Isn't ten years of school teaching people anything then?

  12. ‘bring back’ ? As if any of these twats ever did a single seconds national service between them but yet all talk like they’re an authority on the matter

  13. I agree with Trevor on this It would give young people a sense of self worth

  14. This is a good idea which could work in many ways . . . Why is Rachel so against it.

  15. 16 year olds cannot even vote why should they be forced to do anything?

  16. Great idea, train an increasing number of young and increasingly hostile ethnic minorities to become trained killers. Can the establishment just come out and say they hate white Europeans, it's about time.


  18. 0:01
    1=Tuck your laces in
    2= Shape your Bertet
    3= Have a shave
    4= What kind of drill command is that
    5= where is the creases in your trousers?
    6= Your making the A.C.F look bad

  19. Military is a specialised vocation.
    Diluting it by including everyone and lowering standards for PC reasons would destroy it.

  20. Make Owen jones do it. He’s a teenager.

  21. Nah were done fighting wars for bankers

  22. Ah the left figure out ways to strip people of their basic right of freedom of speech then send them to mandatory military service.

  23. Bring back the death penalty & get rid of the Royal family, UK establiment & their corrupt fake news media <<< SHEEPLE

  24. Compulsory service will do them good.

  25. And there might be people who would react to my relaxed acerbic jokes potentially with violence, that's not a civilised society open to debate, that's a military dictatorship, I won't have it, were better than that and if not we should aspire to be

  26. Yup, and Britain gets to play its part in training the next set of recruits at NATO-grade warfare standards for the insurgency in Kashmir and Afghanistan. Certainly helps those lot save on the flights back and forth for training and indoctrination. How very British!

  27. "Hey uncle what ya been up to", " painted that wall this year", "well that's that private education put to good use", I think just wanting young men to not join gangs is just putting the bar of expectations too low, I think young men and boys are getting the insulting message to just stay out of societies way, its denigrating and im not surprised boys and young men react in such an anti social manner

  28. Just in time for the next war. 🤔

  29. 😖 Middle-class Marxists are utterly clueless!! Tell teenagers that they won’t be able to vote unless they participate in national service! 🤣😂🤣

  30. The modern army isn't even really what it was though, its a lot more complex than it was and they've found trying to turn everyone into a soldier is more of a burden than just taking intelligent people who choose it as a vocation

  31. Good on the army for having a crack at claiming it produces good upstanding members of society, but I'm not sleeping in a cardboard box because I freakout whenever I hear fireworks

  32. Didn't the Kray twins do national service? Worked out great, took two psychos and trained them to be killers, well done

  33. National service?? Lol our military are a disgrace, anyone who's centre right and patriotic are classed as extremists, our military has been bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  34. That’s a good idea, maybe it will install a sense of civic duty and good orderly discipline. Maybe they will get to understand that life is not a free ride and that actually being a UK citizen comes with responsibilities. It could help young people gain the life skills needed to be productive members of society. They could be trained in bricklaying, engineering, computer sciences. Let us not forget that young people have a lot to offer
    The state and the British army too.

  35. Bring back national service for middle-aged people too.

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