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5 coole Tech-Gadgets bei Amazon – unter £ 50!

Willkommen zu diesem TechFlow-Top-5-Video mit 5 coolen Gadgets unter 50 GBP bei Amazon.
Alle benötigten Links finden Sie weiter unten!

Link zu Produkten:

Die Ausrüstung, die wir verwenden:

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  1. Loved the video mouse mat was my favourite

  2. Subscribe to me for no reason. Keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️.

  3. Those cameras are so good

  4. I have subscribe to all your channels

  5. My favourite via the finger print lock

  6. These videos are awesome I would love to see your Christmas opening

  7. Can someone link me to that little TV with the Tech Flow logo on it, thanks. 😍💗💚

  8. Love the look of the Neos SmartCam, great for the £

  9. Hcman mouse mat is my favorite

  10. is that a tree trunk stand Alex ? if so we got one also 🙂 xx

  11. Great video!
    I think the fingerprint lock could be really useful…
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. Really enjoyed this video would love to see more Alex 🙂

  13. Pretty sure RandomFrankP reviewed half of this stuff in his tech under $50 videos 🤔🤔

  14. nice video bro, the pad lock is a nice idea.

  15. I like the £20 camera as after ur video based only on that device. It was absolutely amazing! For that quality (not as good as expensive ones) it is fantastic. Especially as you I would only use it to keep an eye on my pets when I’m upstairs. Great video.

  16. The Bluetooth lock is absolutely useless, can be dismantled with one screw that’s accessible with the front off, (you sure you wasn’t sponsored) cause it ain’t top 5 lol

  17. I jxt love how creative the thumbnail is.

  18. I didn't know they were doing a live action of Big Mouth

  19. He looks like the hyena from the lion king

  20. Or…. buy some second-hand silver Christmas tinsel and hang it on a door handle. Just as entertaining as any of this crap. And probably all of this crap he is pushing will be gone in a month when he gets fed up with it.

  21. Very basic. Would like to know how i can interact with the camera? How can i record and save footage?

  22. As the ISP, do you control your networks Port Forwarding, do your clients, or does your internet provider?

  23. Link to speaker? I want to buy one haha

  24. Love you playing some hilltop hoods on the Bluetooth speaker. Keep up the awesome content much love from Australia

  25. I do like that little padlock 🔒

  26. I would like to have that little projector it look cute 🥰 can you please pop up price itself in USD please 🙏

  27. Do not buy the fingerprint padlock, ive bought one of those before and found that you can twist of the back and there are 4 screws that u can unscrew and u can get into the padlock in about 2 minutes

  28. Not sure where you got £19.99 from its £24.99 and has been for months I already have some. Please let me know where to get at this price. Thanks

  29. That projector looks really, really awesome! Happy to see more videos like these 🙂 Greatings from Portugal

  30. A really, really good mix of products. Seen the security camera before, really excited by the padlock (sad I know) but I'll probably look to get the Bluetooth speaker for my daughter who is off to University this autumn …., I bought one of the last Chromecast Audios and could plug it into the Aux port. I reckon that'll make a nice Hi-Fi for her digs. Anyway I hope you consider me. Keep going with this series, maybe reduce the items to three so that you can keep the quality up for longer. Have at least one item that is quirky, and not necessarily techie if it is.

  31. Love the new b roll 👌👌

  32. I liked the fingerprint padlock, the rgb mouse pad and the mini security camera. The video had great tech products. Love watching videos like these you always ring something unique and interesting

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