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5 Weitere Blockbuster-NBA-Trades, die den NBA-Draft 2019 aufrütteln könnten

Wir sind zwei Tage vor dem NBA-Entwurf von 2019 und es könnte einige bedeutende NBA-Trades geben, die vor und während des Entwurfs sinken. Die NBA-Nebensaison 2019 hatte einen heißen Start, als die Los Angeles Lakers einen Blockbuster-Trade für Anthony Davis abschlossen. Das war der erste große NBA-Handel in der Nebensaison und es könnte noch mehr kommen. Werden die Washington Wizards Bradley Beal auf dem NBA-Handelsmarkt einkaufen? Könnten sich die New Orleans Pelikane umdrehen und einige ihrer Neuerwerbungen wie Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram und die Nummer 4 der Gesamtwertung tauschen?

Die Chicago Bulls & Atlanta Hawks versuchen Berichten zufolge, im NBA-Draft aufzusteigen, um einen Spieler zu gewinnen, der 2019 einen sofortigen Einfluss haben wird. Werden die Bulls mit den Pelicans handeln, um von Platz 7 der Gesamtwertung in die Top 5 aufzusteigen? Sind die Hawks bereit, die # 8 & # 10 Picks zu tauschen, um in die Top 5 aufzusteigen? Es wurde berichtet, dass die Houston Rockets bereit sind, eine Dienstplanüberholung durchzuführen, um das Team 2019 zu verbessern. Bedeutet das, dass sie einige ihrer besten Spieler wie Chris Paul, Clint Capela oder Eric Gordon tauschen könnten? Werden die Cavs versuchen, einen Handelsanwalt für Kevin Love zu finden? Informieren Sie sich über die neueste Ausgabe von NBA Now!

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Hier sind alle 5 potenziellen Blockbuster-NBA-Trades, die den NBA-Draft 2019 aufrütteln könnten:

# 1: Grizzlies – Pelicans Trade
Grizzlies Get: Lonzo, Nummer 4 in der Gesamtwertung und zukünftiger Erstklassiker
Pelikane erhalten: # 2
# 2: Pelikane – Zaubererhandel
Pelikane bekommen: Bradley Beal
Wizards Get: Brandon Ingram, Solomon Hill, Kenrich Williams und Dairis Bertans
# 3: Bullen-Pelikane Handel
Bulls Get: # 4 Gesamtauswahl
Pelikane erhalten: Gesamtauswahl # 7, geschützte Zukunft 1.
# 4: Cavs-Hawks Trade Draft Picks:
Hawks Get: # 5 Gesamtauswahl
Cavs Get: # 8, # 10 insgesamt Picks
# 5: 3-Wege-Handel zwischen Hawks – Rockets – Bulls
Hawks Get: Eric Gordon, Clint Capela
Hawks Give: Kent Bazemore, Allen Crabbe, Nr. 8, Nr. 17, Nr. 35, Nr. 44
Rockets Get: Kevin Love, Kent Bazemore, Gesamtauswahl Nr. 44, Gesamtauswahl Nr. 17
Raketen geben: Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, Michael Frazier
Cavs Get: Allen Crabbe, Michael Frazier, PJ Tucker, Gesamtsieger Nr. 8, Gesamtsieger Nr. 35
Cavs geben: Kevin Love

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  1. Which player is the next one to get traded in the NBA?

  2. My opinion Kawhii Leonard should stay in the Eastern Conference because it's weak also the Washington Wizards should sign the Toronto Raptors basketball of operations guy then trade for trade John Wall, Bobby Portis, D'Wight Howard to the Toronto Raptors for Kawhii Leonard,Danny Green,Marc Gasol, & Wizards should trade Trevor Azia to the Portland Tail Blazers for Rodney Hood, & sign Kemba Walker or Raja Rondo, or Jeff Teague….

  3. N spurs still need D.Bertand

  4. Bruh, the Pelicans looking nice. If they progress the young core and if head office and coaching staff man up, they be looking like a deadly team in the next 4-5 years

  5. @chat sports what do the magic do this off season weather it be draft or free agency

  6. Mem traded Conley to Jazz already.

  7. I could see a Kevin Love trade

  8. Cavs should trade Trstan Thompson for karl- Anthony towns

  9. That 3 team trade is retarded for Houston and does nothing to fix the chemistry issues with Harden and Paul

  10. Lonzo trade to knicks for Dennis Smith jr and future 2 nd round pick

  11. Will Denver trade something?

  12. These guys copy a trade everyone ells trade ideas but then there own are cooked as can be. I think there is a chance the Bulls trade pick 7 to the Hawks for 10 & 17.

  13. The Celtics may make a deal with the Pelicans trading the Memphis #1 Pick for 2020 for the #4. That could be a huge trade chip since the Grizzlies are expected to be one of the worst teams.

  14. Morant had knee surgery before playing 1 game and is only 170lb. Like many 1-done point guards, will he make it through a 82 game season.

  15. If the Pelicans trade Zo for Beal that's huge mistake. Beal isn't much of a playmaker but he plays well off the ball. Morant just had debris removed from his knee and he is only 170 pounds. Zo is 6'7 and much bigger. I would keep Zo at all cost to match with Zion. Zo will find Zion for easy basket so he will not have to work as hard and suffer an injury, similar to what Rondo did for AD. If the Pelicans acquire Beal keep Zo for defense and to mesh with Zion. Zo's high iq as a defensive player and passer will outweigh the shooting woos. When the Pelicans had veteran Rondo, he shot poorly from 3's and the ft line and he got the Pelicans to the playoffs. Think future with Zo. Beal is not that elite of a passer. Yes he can score for himself but who will allow the team to score. Jrue is not that type of player to facilitate for Zion and keep up with his speed. Zo made Kuz exciting. Imagine what he can do for Zion.

  16. Lonzo a better fit with Zion and Ingram

  17. 7:00 jesus that team would be stacked

  18. N Beal will be traded to uh team that didn't make the playoffs🤔

  19. Carmelo Anthony to LA.. you heard it first here.

  20. Oh, God! You do know that Jonas Valanciunas opt-out from his contract deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, right? You guys are not doing your research. Just like on your other videos about the NCAA college basketball players Darius Garland. He only played 5 games during the entire year of his college year. And you want to put him as the 4th over pick for the Lakers pick going to the Pelicans. This is why I unsubcribe to your channel. You guys trade scenarios are ridiculous. =) lol

    ~Shem Ortiz~

  21. Lonzo 4th pick and future 1st rnd can the Grizzlies past on that i doubt it

  22. The rumour is pelicans want to Trade up for RJ not morant

  23. #NBA Love for Adams and Ferguson

  24. Your guys trades are always dumb

  25. Really messed up the color scheme with the cavs Jersey

  26. Why wasn’t John Wall in the wizards potential lineup???

  27. Perfect, no one isn't even thinking about the Nuggets.

    Sleep on us, do it.

  28. John collins averaged 20 a game last season not 14

  29. I'd rather see Atlanta come home with Reddish, Fernando and BOL BOL.

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