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7 Coole iOS 13 Funktionen, die ich auf Android haben möchte!

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Apple hat kürzlich die erste Beta-Version von iOS 13 veröffentlicht und nach dem Ausprobieren festgestellt, dass die neue iOS-Version einige wirklich großartige Funktionen bietet, die unter Android sehr sinnvoll wären. Nun, in diesem Video sprechen wir über 7 iOS 13-Funktionen, die wir in Android, vielleicht Android R, wollen.

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  1. What's up Notification Squad! How many of you Android fans are hurt by this video? 😜

  2. How to stop game center from connecting automatically to the games you play? Please make a video on that!!!! @beebom

  3. Good video. From these, I want the Video editing capability of the iPhone. That's kind of the only thing I miss on my Huawei. No one does videos like an iPhone.

    The drawbacks or limitations of iPhones always makes me go back to Androids. Couldn't stick to an iPhone for even 6 months.

  4. Extended Video editing feature is something that I look for in an Android phone.

  5. Your entrance theme? Title!

  6. Andddoid is a top to bottom stolen garbage, wait a bit thief andddoid will definitely steal all those features soon.

  7. For the first time, I had to press that dislike button 😔…

  8. Anyone knows intro name?

  9. Lol. You made a video without knowing that some android phones does offer automatic dark mode/night mode like Samsung you can switch dark mode as a sechedul .

  10. full page screenshot is already on redmi miui 🤪

  11. Hoppefully, iOS 13 will not zoom in when I use the photos that I have taken as my wallpaper. It is so annoying.

    Also, it would be awesome if iOS 13 would be able to let users to set a timer where the wallpapers would change everytime. That would be cool because I want to have a wallpaper of my cats during the day and I want a dark wallpaper during the night.

  12. All the features except finding lost or stolen phone even when it's switched off is there on Android already. Peace out

  13. Its confirmed google 3 is the god of notch

  14. Where is this guy even looking xD

  15. Title: 7 cool ios 13 features I want in android.

    Me: switch to Apple Iphone.

    Moral of the story: Modern
    problems require Modern solutions.

  16. Auto dark is avaliable in developer mode s8+

  17. Biggest and best features of android is cheap price that's it

  18. You will able to make a same video with different name : 100 android features that I want on iOS🤣🔫

  19. All features mentioned already there in andriod!!

  20. automatic dark mode is olrdy in my s10+

  21. I’ve only had bad experiences with android and windows, owned a samsung and a samsung s4mini and hp laptop. I prefer apple and their iOS, the ecosystem works much better together

  22. The only thing Android needs (United States) is an imessage equal. Cause if we text videos it's super pixelated and is ugly

  23. Full screenshot feature already there in android. I have android 9 pie

  24. Full page screen shot is on realme 3 pro as long screen shot option

  25. Hmm maybe you need to use S10 or note9 bro

  26. Want a dumb fuck your are! Android q already has auto dark mode

  27. 2 iPhone features I want on my android.

    The camera. No lag.

  28. Wait they removed automatic dark mode? It was there on AOSP android Pie

  29. None of these features were as cool that I crave them in Android

  30. I never knew I needed these until I saw this video.
    I really hope we get to see these features on Android too.

  31. Apple is really boring.
    Well I really like modules of magisk.
    Sadly it is not on Apple. It is not a big deal for me you mentioned about screen shots, dark mode or voice commands.

  32. If you get a OnePlus device or technology similar for they're charging you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that because Dash charge and warp charge fill the battery not only faster not overheating the phone doesn't matter if you use the phone on Android but poor the last 10% in slowly conserving the battery thereby alleviating the need for that option or wireless charging Dodge Charger and warp charge our longevity for an Android device battery they've been testing the OnePlus 3 when they first introduced it and it's still running good and we're now up to the OnePlus 7

  33. Automatic dark mode is stupid just hit the freaking button when you want it or you don't want it

  34. The google pixel 3 implemented voice controls before apple

  35. You also got the screenshot thing on android devices but on samsung devices is called smart capture where you can edit and take a whole screen shot of the web page !!

  36. You can do the automatic dark mode thing with the galaxys , s8 s9 note 8 note 9 and s10 💁‍♂️ samsung implemented that before apple .

  37. Bro automatic dark mode is available in my Samsung

  38. I have a stock Android with voice control but you need a app called Voice Access it is a Google app.

  39. Still not convinced to buy iphone.

  40. Me as a fellow Android user the only features I'll like to see are more in depth video edit, voice control, offline find my device and smart charging as shown on ios 13, and why would you want a scheduled dark mode when having it on throughout saves batter life overall

  41. You wanna hear a joke

    Samsung foldable phone 🤣

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