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8 zu vermeidende Fehler bei der Spieleentwicklung!

Spieleentwicklungsfehler können teuer werden! Dies sind die acht Indie-Gamedev-Fehler, die wir bei Sink-Projekten gesehen haben und die Zeit und Kosten für die Entwicklung erhöhen. Wenn Sie Spiele machen, verwenden Sie diese Spieleentwicklertipps, um Ihr Risiko zu verringern!

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  1. We did a similar video on game design mistakes to avoid- check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x4Q_SOLN28

  2. Making a game for no one can be benifitial to learn basics for those who are new to game dev.

  3. #2: create a dev blog — 7:22

    Are you sure you want to use that as an example? Makes me unsure if I want to trust your advice.

  4. I m 17 year old make game on small basic in few months i m switching to mainstream game making …..i need to show some samples to any game coder enthisiast …. Whatsapp +917398438689 insta @sidd293 thank you

  5. 1. Don't ask gamedev
    2. Just make a game

  6. I love this kind of content why did u change it now(10/2019)

  7. Your first tip is telling people to make the same games that others are already making. Literally the best thing about indie games is that they AREN'T the same stuff which has already flooded the market, and a single author can take risks that big commercial AAA studios just won't take, resulting in unique content which is unlike anything else.

    Here's a gamedev mistake to avoid: This YouTube channel.

  8. Hey! Ask Gamedev I am making a HTML5 website for my TAFE assessment, can I borrow some of your ideas to play in my Assessment project website. Note this is not going to be a real website it a moke site? I am a student of IT and media Certificate IV and I am making a website on "Game design."

  9. Post Mortem in latin means "After Dying" so I assumed they were exclusively failed projects

  10. I have a question… You say we should show the progress of our dev online, but what happens if you're making a game with a "cool" title and here comes John Smith, who really liked the name of your game, and trademarks the name before the dev does because he doesn't have any money to do it at the moment.

  11. Trend says I should make potty battleroyale games . .

  12. You forgot mistake 9, buying too much assets

  13. Mistake 1#
    Not using unity.

  14. Background music very similar to music that plays during Alkiabedes missions in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey when you play as Kassandra

  15. What do you mean create a minimum viable product and later on prove that is worth the investment ? You mean games as a service ?

  16. Having issues with my shadows in unity. Issues is not good.

  17. >engine support
    No. Internet people can tell you that you tried to insert a round peg in a square hole, but not much else. The moment you have a more than elementary problem, you're pretty much always on your own, unless you can pay cash for someone to actually debug your stuff.

  18. Correct use of "allot". 10 points to Hufflepuff.

  19. Great vids. But you shouldn't promote asset flipping

  20. I recently made my game "Ouchy bird" on Unity 3D. Could you download, play, test, rate somehow for me? It is available for free on App Store and Google Play

  21. Well i have encountered so many problems with using unity and most of the time online tutorials or support pages dont help at all. I mean they always give a sloution to a different problem that i am having. Even with same code. Like for example i cannot make an object to rotate and someone has asked the same. Alright. What unity support says is how to reset the rotation. Of course i can always check the code and see if i can adapt.

    I think the most annoying problem yet that i haven't ever found a solution on was how to lock z axis when creating a camera that is movable by mouse so that you cant accidentally turn it upside down. I have searched so many support sites such as unity stack overflow or even youtube plus bunch of forums and no one seems to know the answer.

    Frankly to be honest it annoys the heck out of me. I can say that i have trouble finding stuff from internet to begin with but it just adds on to the frustation.

  22. I don't make games to make a fortune.

  23. Is it advisable to start game dev on a powerful PC like a gaming PC to run engines like unity 5× or unreal engine???

  24. Says Unity has an asset store, but shows Unreal's 12 million dollar free paragon assets instead, LOL.

  25. 1:51 thought step 4 was anal, I was so shook

  26. My greatest game was on Scratch what the fuck am I doing here.

  27. 1. Only make games because money
    2. Don't learn how to do anything from first principles, because instant gratification
    3. Jump into a "Trending marketplace", also known as a "saturated marketplace"

  28. Actually it's Gamer Maker studio edition that's the name of game engine not Yoyo Games(it's just company)and there's also Godot Engine,Clickteam Fusion…etc.

  29. Thanks a lot for enlightening videos!

  30. Beware captive audiences, most players will not switchover to your game when they are still having fun with their current game.

  31. Follow the trends yay!! And now we have thousands of similar indie games on steam and google play…

  32. Get ran over by a bus in youre own fucking studio! (thumbnail) 😂👍

  33. The only problem I'm finding is that in North India, it is hard to find meet-ups for game development however, I usually try going to technical or cultural meet-ups at different Universities to talk about my game. Very soon I'm starting my devlog series to document the development of my upcoming game. 😉😊

  34. Godot Engine for most begineers. Its clean, great community and damn is it easy to get a game up and running in an hour.

    Mistake #0… Don't start with your first game being an MMORPG.

  35. fuck i pity the person who gets into game development what a shitty industry

  36. What are people’s thoughts on #7 about being secretive? Specifically the part about having your ideas stolen, that seems like a valid thing to worry about right? I see other developers share the things they make on social media all the time, but SHOULDN’T you be worried that someone might steal your work? I mean, Derek Yu of Spelunky made Mossmouth an official LLC, and Toby Fox trademarked the name Undertale. How do you know when it is and isn’t necessary to be doing things like that?? Especially when you don’t have the funds to ask a lawyer for legal advice…

  37. Game dev mistake: not prototyping early enough

  38. Wow, I am making a game I am planning on releasing by 2020. Plenty of time I think. How would you suggest I build a community? I can't get twitter or or facebook, I have YouTube obviously and twitch and discord

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