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Acer Spin 5 Bericht (2019)

Lisa Gade berichtet über die 2019-Aktualisierung des Acer Spin 5, eines konvertierbaren Windows 10-Laptops mit 360-Grad-Scharnieren, Touchscreen und optionalem Stift. Wir haben das 13,3-Zoll-Modell und es gibt auch ein 15,6-Zoll-Modell. Dieser Laptop verfügt über Intel Whiskey Lake Core i5- und i7-Ultrabook-CPUs der 8. Generation, eine NVMe-SSD und 8 GB DDR4-Dual-Channel-RAM. Das IPS-Display ist Full HD und das Notebook arbeitet im Clamshell-, Zelt-, Tablet- und Präsentationsmodus. Es verfügt über ein Aluminiumgehäuse, ein schlankes 15,9-mm-Design, einen Windows Hello-Fingerabdruckscanner und einen USB-C-Anschluss. Der Listenpreis für unser SP513‐53N ‐ 53Y5-Modell mit einem Core i5-8265U-Prozessor, 8 GB RAM und einer 256 GB SSD beträgt 799 US-Dollar. Es konkurriert mit dem Lenovo Yoga 730, HP Envy x360 und Dell Inspiron 5000 2-in-1.
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  1. You should use a ruler or some other sort of guide for the diagonal line testing, otherwise it is just your hand shaking, which I can literally see it in the video. If a digitizer produces a straight line out of that hand motion, then it is simply not reporting the input as it is, instead smoothing it with internal processing. I noticed this way back when I got my note 3, of which people were complaining about the jittery slow diagonal lines. Once you utilize a guide that removes the risk of hand shaking, it does produce perfectly straight lines at any speed or angle. Line smoothing is a good option, but that's software, not really a metric to judge the actual digitizer implementation performance.

  2. I wish OEM's would figure out that the track pad is NOT the place to put the fingerprint scanner. I get it makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint, but not from a design and aesthetic standpoint.

  3. I use to have an acer and it was buggy crap!

  4. I could land a plane on those bezels…

  5. HP Spectre x360 copy

  6. screen bezel is a negative spec.

  7. "A lot of people prefer Intel"
    You gotta have all those security holes, right?

  8. I would appreciate a review of the lower end Spin 3.

  9. Soldered RAM?
    Apple plague spreads like an airborne virus.

  10. How on Earth can you charge 750 and get bezels that big?! Between the soldered RAM and the lack of thunderbolt, this looks like crap.

  11. Just a quick FYI, it seems your invisibility cloak isn't working 😀

  12. There is 13 inch 16GB model. It's a bit heavy but it has plenty of ports

    15 inch model has very different build and display quality

  13. Are you going to review the new ROG STRIX Scar III ?

  14. Didn't like this review. 95% spec and features and 5% review and usage experience

  15. This huge bezels….I just wish it was a 3:2 laptop… Why is it Chromebooks have a real work ratio but windows laptops are built for watching movies? What gives?

  16. Did I miss where the speakers were? Are they on the bottom of the laptop again?

  17. Comparaison (x1 carbon 6th gen vs t490 vs t490s) ?

  18. Lenovo yoga x260 copy there.

  19. Why they even makes these laptop?

  20. Bezels are important for screens with touch and pen support so no problem with the thickness of those.

  21. Good review but this 2 in 1 just looks bad. Please do Acer swift models.

  22. does it have palm rejection when using the stylus?

  23. I've bought one of the previous models for one of my daughters. We're still happy with it.
    Nice machine for students and such

  24. I have the 13" 8th gen and I like it alot. Looks very stylish and hasn't let me down yet. Only drawback is the sensetive finger print reader and the weight. For 800 dollars it's a steal.

    And the bezels. In tablet mode you need it. Such a relief to actually be able to HOLD it without the touchscreen going crazy.

  25. And the winner of this year’s Ugliest Laptop is..

  26. Not an Acer fan (first laptop I ever owned at 16, treated it like y baby, died in 8-9 months out of nowhere), but this still looks pretty cool! Shame for the BIG bezels (normally, I'm okay with bezels, but like you said, this time, 'Dem bezels!") and so much line jitter, though! Bummer!

  27. I love your videos, very honest opinions. Just wondering wouldn’t the intel chip vulnerabilities impact the performance (mitigation) ? Why not guide us on that as well? When you do a review such as this?

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