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Aktuelle Nachrichten! – Huawei Verliert den Zugriff auf Android

Aktuelle Nachrichten! – Huawei Verliert den Zugriff auf Android

Laut einem Reuters-Bericht vom 20. Mai bricht Google einige Geschäfte mit Huawei ab, die "die Übertragung von Hardware, Software und technischen Diensten erfordern, mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die über Open Source-Lizenzen öffentlich verfügbar sind" Druck auf das Unternehmen in der vergangenen Woche, einschließlich der Aufnahme in eine schwarze Liste, in der es nicht einfach sein wird, in den USA hergestellte Komponenten zu kaufen.

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Verwendete Ausrüstung:
Huawei Nova 3i
OnePlus 5
Canon EOS M50
Boya BY-MM1 – externes Mikrofon
DJI Mavic Air

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Powerdirector auf Android
Kinemaster auf Android
Filmora 9 (PC)

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  1. Pano yan guys bibili sana ako huawei nova 3i Sa Sm satingin nyo damay yun ?

  2. paktay damay daw HUAWEI NOVA 3I 😰😰

  3. paktay damay daw HUAWEI NOVA 3I 😰😰

  4. Pa shout out po next vlog mo po

  5. Hey i'm nova 3i user, my phone camera does not contain the night mode would you help me please

  6. Good afternoon XMNN ask ko lang kung pano mababago ung font style ng time ko pag nakalock ang cp.

  7. Please reply me bro
    I'm using Huawei nova 3i but didn't get the updates yet and my brother is using the same device his phone was updated for a month. I have latest version of the hicare app and other apps. I'm from Pakistan.
    Please solve my problem

  8. Pano yan pag natapos ang 90days na bngay ng US hnd na magagamit ng huawei ang Google.. Hnd na tayo mamaka kuha ng update? Pati sa mga apps ng nang gagaling sa playstore.. Pano na ML life ko.. Nakoooooooo

  9. This a huge downfall to Huawei ….

  10. pano po yung nova 3i kasama po bayun lahat po ba talaga ng huawei

  11. Sir update mo kame pag lumabas na OS ng Q tsaka saan pwede i update yung apk..

  12. So sad…

    Tanong lang po sir, pwede kupa po ba I-update ang Huawei nova 3i ko now? Thanks pooo 💕

  13. Hays salamat po.. At least d kasama ang mga nka bili na.. 3i user po ❤

  14. I see very few Problems. Google under there Agreement with Huawei has to support the present models. Huawei simply does not bring out new Models until they are ready. Big deal! Keep the old Models for 2 years until they are ready. Trump is simply getting desperate. The new Model every 12 months has started to become a Joke anyway. Huawei could even keep its old Model going for 3 years. Who would care. Maybe they could update the Camera etc. colour etc.
    There will be some Clause in the Agreement with Huawei that Google has to support the existing Models for at least 5 years or more!
    Huawei actually pays Huawei for this. Huawei as I understood it was going to bring in its own OS and equivalent some years ago but Google talked them out of it. Its money for Google.
    Trump is simply getting desperate. Google will now be working on plans to go International somehow. The US Government interference will be annoying them.
    The way US Security Services make them give access to all there Email Traffic etc. plus ??
    The EU has had a gut full of Google and its dominance in Europe and no doubt the Security risk of the USA using Google to spy on Europe and Censor Youtube etc. to please the USA.
    Trump is simply getting desperate. When desperate Trump will try anything verbally.

  15. Diba po may EMUI 9.1 updates, so hindi na rin ba makaka receive ng updates yung mga huawei phones dahil sa ban?

  16. Huawei does not lose access to Android. Android is Open Source. Huawei can use Android with there own updates.
    Also the Play Store. That's easy. They just set up an equivalent of Play Store. Most Apps are not Google anyway.
    The access to G-mail and Youtube is the main concern. Huawei says they have there own OS ready anyway. It will obviously be Android Compatable.
    I personally can't see why YouTube can't be accessed using a Browser. Can Google stop people going to YouTube? just because they have an Huawei phone. If they can Huawei just provides a free Proxy. There will be ways.
    Why can't Huawei simply create a YouTube friendly Browser? Chrome is no real loss. I look forward to a Phone not overloaded with Google crap you can't remove from your Phone.
    G-mail! Big deal! Plenty of others or Huawei sets one up.
    The Chips! Huawei only uses US Chips for it's low end phones.
    It's high end phones use there own. They will replace the low end stuff easily.

  17. Sinong may Huawei na phone RIP HUAWEI

  18. pano po un sir eh huawei p30 pro po ang phone ko ibig sabihin hindi ko na sya ma update

  19. Yung nova 3i po kasale po?

  20. One vedio in Emui 9.1 beta test

  21. mapipilitan gumawa ang huawei ng sariling store🤔

  22. It won't affect the existing handsets right? I'm using nova 3i

  23. Nothing is impossible to china. They can easily replicate something like google but it will take time to polish. Hopefully it will not be worst like the blackberry system.

  24. Thankyou for shouting my name, but i guess we will be able to continue using our handsets esp nova 3i but i hope they can fix the issue soon…. Its unfair for us consumers if this issue will continue… I really love huawei, though ive been using since apple3G, i shift to android choosing huawei because of its realiablity and performance wise😜

  25. Hindi ma update yun fon ko. I kept on pressing check updates but di pa rin pumapasok yung version.

  26. Yung emui. Ma uupdate pa kaya' sbe dto sa software update' up to date daw pero .165 palang version ko. May .170 na diba.

  27. Nova3i any problem. plz tell me boss. i use Nova3i

  28. Existing Huawei users di affected, pero yung incoming units yun ang affected and sabi ni google Huawei Users can still access playstore, get updates for existing users.

  29. Haaaays kakabili ko lang 2days ago 😭

  30. Bat mas gusto nyu mag stay sa google? Why not try something new?

  31. di po ba apektado yung mga nakabili na ? di pa ko naka2 pag update haha.

  32. Pa shout boss, next video, thanks sa info boss.

  33. nice idol👍
    pa shoutout po.. thanx
    more power

  34. Sir tanong ko lang po pag mag pick ka ng theme sa Huawei mag slow down po ba ang performance nito o hindi?

  35. maapektuhan ba mga nova 3i users?

  36. Dont worry guys,, its a tactic because there is a better support from china they made that better from american standard so that the people amazingly choose the ultimate masperiece of china…….

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