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Android 10 Beta 3

Android 10 Beta 3 ist da! Zu den neuen Updates in dieser Version gehören das dunkle Thema, die gestische Navigation und intelligente Aktionen. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die App-Einstellungen auf einem Gerät ändern, um ein dunkles Thema zu verwenden, um eine bessere Ästhetik zu erzielen und die Akkulaufzeit zu verlängern. Die gestische Navigation bietet ein systemweites Bildschirmerlebnis, sodass Ihre Apps den Bildschirm des Geräts besser nutzen und mit Gesten durch die App navigieren können.

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  1. Will this work in Dart/Flutter?

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  3. I like your video very much. It's really great. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I am your fan and I will support you.

  4. Eagerly waiting for this😍

  5. Tap to take a screenshot please not the old press power button.

  6. So what happens after the beta ends? You have to update your phone back to crappy UI, or your phone is kinda like Android one and receive updates directly from Google?

  7. can you help me to install Android q beta on my OnePlus 6t?

  8. Will Android Q be available to all flagship phones???

  9. Hey google,
    Can you make the lockscreen more interesting
    1. Swipe from left can access to google news or widget like iphone do, because i want to see my calendar widget and some widget without unlocking it.

    2. On lock screen, can you relocate the position of clock. It so annoying because i could not find lockscreen wallpaper because the clock block the main thing in it. Please relocate it a big higher or like iphone do. Or provide a option to us to relocate it anywhere we want.

  10. I love the new beta and the reviewer😂😂😂

  11. I see your struggling for a name why not call it QUINCE as in Quince jelly it's the nearest Q for a sweet 🤔

  12. But Android have some side panels, in Material Design. If the entire edge is the back button, does it mean that we can not swipe to access to that vertical panels anymore (and we'll have to click the button instead?). In MIUI the back buttton is only in the bottom half side, and this is the best way to do it.

  13. WHEN IS Q COIMING NOTE 9 be waiting

  14. Pretty much an IOS rip off

    Edit:im talking about the gestures fanboys

  15. Need help.. Please suggest me, how to make "next, prev, share and download" button below images and the image also should be swiped when we swipe it by our finger in android studio

  16. i want android developers channel logo. how i get it?

  17. Complete name of android Q is Android Quaker Oats

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