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Android App Development Tutorial 1 – Einführung | Java

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Die Entwicklung von Android-Apps ist eine wertvolle Fähigkeit. Wir sprechen in dieser Episode über die Grundlagen der App-Programmierung, Java vs Kotlin und vieles mehr. Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns für die ganze Serie!

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  1. Hey man, wanna say thankyou. I never learn coding in my life until I reach 18 YO. I wanna say thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I'm currently learning and planning to learn from u. Thx once again

    Edit: Really admire u 4 sharing knowledge with others! Also thx 4 ur time.

  2. Dude, a few weeks back I was thinking of learning MongoDB and ran into your course about Mongo and now I was thinking of doing Android Native and I ran into this. The YouTube gods want me to subscribe to your channel.

  3. Great video, I discovered you in these days and I really like how mark the various programming issue for android and ios. I hope you can make videos to show the practical side of programming. Thanks again.

  4. Love the new series! 👍

  5. I can't believe you're doing an Android series. I love you so fucking much. Please, keep it up! You're amazing.

  6. I don't care that you are not editing the videos.

  7. Awesome man. Keep going and teaching people.

  8. Keep it up man, you don't know the impact you are having on motivated people.👍

  9. I love u but may I ask why u got fat🤣🤣🤣 u r still handsome don’t worry

  10. Hello I want to develop app that will have database for the users and live chat feature. With technologies should I use -Android studio Java or Xamarin C#? What existing tools and services I could use?

  11. Loved it man! Thanks alot for providing us with info and such content!

  12. Start a series on Dart Programming language and flutter?

  13. very very thank you you are y teacher forever

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