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Android Developer Story: Indie-Spieleentwickler finden Erfolg bei Google Play (Taiwan)

Hören Sie von den Indie-Spieleentwicklern Rocky Hong, Yu-Le Lin aus Uwan und Brian Lee aus Sigono und erfahren Sie mehr über ihre Erfahrungen und Reisen als Indie-Entwickler in Taiwan. Entdecken Sie ihre Geschichten und wie sie auf Google Play zum Erfolg gekommen sind.

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  1. Oh yeah, but nevertheless did you guys thought of what precisely this imagery is really about?

  2. I don't do games but as an Android developer, this gives me a reason to try something new, something different.

  3. Someone help me understand something. It
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    o.o I believe my message is very CLEAR 🧐. Anyone care to clue me in I am but a simpleton and know nothing of the voodoo magic that goes into making programs, apps, software😏.
    Also my apologies this is an off topic subject not related to the maker nor the individuals in this video, it’s just an in general series of assumptions and curiosity, nothing more, if anything in not here to ruin the little money train computer fellows are enjoying, no no. Who am I to stop something like that bills sucks, I wouldn’t like someone ruining my paycheck. But I would like to dig into who’s getting the bigger chunk of money out of all this. If anything I’d like to make sure the hardest workers are getting proper pay. 😒I find it interesting maybe I should re evaluate my business choices, I’m just not sure, so I’m curious someone shed some light on this for me. Thanks

  4. We all know there's irritative adverts filled in those games

  5. What are the names of the apps? Should be nice.to have it.in the descriptions text. Cheers

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