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Android Development Tutorial – Drink Shop App Teil 30 Produkt aktualisieren und löschen

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In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie ein Produkt aktualisieren und löschen

Wir werden versuchen, einen Drink Shop-Auftrag mit PHP-Backend zu erstellen

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  1. Hi, dear. Can u help me pls?
    Then i press button update on UpdateProductActivity(if i wasnt choose any category in spinner menu) i have got toast "use jsonreader.setlenient(true) to accept malformed json".
    But if i choose any category i haven't got mistake and have update. Master, how i can fix it?

  2. Can you add delivery fee on this app

  3. sorry I selelu many ask you how I change $ to Rp Indonesia currency because at the time I change the number 3.75 to 1000.00 can not

  4. Are you going to continue the uber app series?

  5. please develop the Same Live wallpaper app with Dismissable image view instead of tab layout bro…

  6. Thank u for this awesome video

  7. Hey sir thanks for your tutoriels please help me i am trying to fetch data from json and display them in the cover flow can you help me with that ?
    thank you

  8. how to update existing image from the data base by using choose image option in server app or how to put images from server app or how to upload multiple images with slide show

  9. Please start new series soon..
    Waiting for that….

  10. I am waiting for the day when you will speak…….

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