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Android Development Tutorial – Orte in der Nähe von Google Teil 4 – Textanweisungen anzeigen

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In diesem Tutorial zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Textanweisungen in Ihrem Nearby Places-Projekt anzeigen

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  1. sir what if i have locations store in my database and i want all nearest locations store in database to my current location,how i can use google nearby places api to solve this problem

  2. Cannot resolve constructor ' StringBuilder ' in StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(step);

  3. sir how to get multiple location in one map.

  4. if (myRoutes != null)
    for (Step step:myRoutes.routes.get(0).legs.get(0).stepsl)
    StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(step);
    text_routes.setHtml(stringBuilder.toString(),new HtmlHttpImageGetter(text_routes));

    in this section there is still a new error StringBuilder (step); how should it be?

  5. is it final part of the series?

  6. hello sir. i got one problem. when i run the app it show my current location but when i click button restaurant it show all restaurant on another country not my nearby location. same goes on another button (hospital,school and market). help me please.

  7. can you push the project to github sir, please?

  8. In the next lesson, add a place search bar

  9. Layout design and impliment with various animations video banao na plz …

  10. dear sir i have a problem in my final year project sir i need your help for this perpose

    there is a tab activity in my project on which i show the images and text view (on images) on gridview but i faces some problems so kindly please please make the toturial on this the submission date of my project is near so kindly please please make it for me it will help out many students

  11. hey sir, are you going to make new tutorials about the new stuff in Android studio like slices, Navigation Editor, jetpack etc… ?

  12. I am geeting error in wallpaper app please reply

    Program type already present: android.arch.lifecycle.LiveData$LifecycleBoundObserver
    Message{kind=ERROR, text=Program type already present: android.arch.lifecycle.LiveData$LifecycleBoundObserver, sources=[Unknown source file], tool name=Optional.of(D8)}
    please solve this sir…

  13. hello sir, current I prepare study android sever with parse, but parse closed, so
    I would like to ask what you should use to store the data,
    please give me advice thanks sir :))

  14. What about indoor mapping ???
    How we can implement indoor maps in our android application??

  15. Google Nearby Places part 4 . cant see it .

  16. sir can u please involve fetch by php mysql in this your food ordeing app series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad41Bh704ms&list=PLaoF-xhnnrRW4lXuIhNLhgVuYkIlF852V?? and in this food series make a web based admin module
    like some this type http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/foodordering
    like your drink shop series ??
    reply me plz

  17. Please create a book app
    And Poetry app,
    Thank you

  18. oooow my dear teacher where is the series we are interesting for this series because all subscribers are waiting for this clock to see whats new on this series … thanks for your time.

  19. Sir how to update the text directions as the user moves towards the destination like Google navigation…. Please tell us sir

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