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Android Digital Wellbeing: Werkzeuge für das Gleichgewicht

Wir möchten Ihnen dabei helfen, die richtige Balance mit Technologie zu finden. Zusätzlich zu den Digital Wellbeing-Tools und -Funktionen, die im vergangenen Jahr auf Android eingeführt wurden, bieten wir jetzt Tipps und Ratschläge von Experten, die Ihren persönlichen Bedürfnissen entsprechen.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter wellbeing.google.com
Lesen Sie die neuesten Informationen zum Engagement von Google für digitales Wohlbefinden:

Erfahren Sie mehr über Android, indem Sie uns auf folgen:

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  1. Make android 10 (pizzadroid or hotdog android/hotdogdroid/hotdroid/hotdog) pleeeeeaaaasssseeee

  2. Fuck android, hackers/terrorists are able to break into the operating system and replace it with their own cloned/illegal operating system and take full control of the device, what a dodgy system, I'll never go with an android device again in future the the thing is highly compromised and and devs probably can't do a damn thing about it.

  3. Woah Android doesn’t disable comments on its YouTube videos? I wonder why apple doesn’t let you comment on theirs?

  4. Why removing huawei licence for Android.. I have a huawei Phone and Android q is soon coming :(. What the actuall Frick :<(

  5. RIP Android.. The rest of the world stand together for Huawei..

  6. I have a problem I have a total of 33gb but I can only use 3gb of them, show me how to fix

  7. When it's digital wellbeing for sony XZ1?

  8. Release for Android Oreo Google!

  9. You could make this years before.. but you didn't

  10. Adicionem o Modo 02 Plano no YouTube Grates.

  11. Is it up to OEM's to bring it to their devices, or will you?

  12. Instead of promoting the damn thing, fix it so it doesn't slow down the pixel phones… Great timing on releasing the video after all the bad rep its getting too bad its backfiring since everyone knows the app is developed like garbage…

  13. My pixel 3 XL sometimes is slow even turned it off.

  14. No one:
    Google: Digital wellbeing is so cool- but only available on 5% of android devices

  15. Well than let everyone have it because if u wanna just help pixel and high tier phones it's just sad

  16. Tools for slowing down your Pixels lol.

  17. Get all the tools to manage your digital wellbeing! Just at the expense of performance and battery life. Which is an included benefit since no one wants to use a laggy or dead device.

  18. 2.5 billion devices don’t mean shit when less than 10% of those devices have the latest version of Android.

  19. I enjoy the ability to set time limits for games but I wish I could set notifications to tell me when I hit a certain amount of time that I've been play said game for blah blah blah minutes. Then I can work more fluidly with with setting aside the remainder of time I have in said game/app. Right now Dashboard is just like an timer that punishes you if you reach you limit rather than an educator and telling as you're in the game/app how long you've been there. I guess what I'm saying is there needs to be Milestone markers via notifications on how long you've been in an app before you hit the timer limit. This would help users reflect and not use app timers as a punishment system.

  20. … and for killing the performance and the battery of your phone. 😬

  21. meanwhile y'all share are data with advertisers…. to carriers selling it to practically anyone to then some shady ppl can use it to track their ex and or other stuff
    just a fyi or heads up to those who don't know …

    people can call your carrier for a copy of your sim card w/ simple stuff as your full name boom can (dox = blackmail)

  22. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

  23. Typo in text area, should be https://wellbeing.google/ no com at end

  24. Not even available on android one ui

  25. Footnote: please don't turn this off we know your pixel is slow but-

  26. When will it be available for non-pixel devices?

  27. Nyc tips amazing video very informative

  28. "Slows your Pixel 3a down."

  29. It's really help us… thanks Google

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