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Android-Entwicklungs-Tutorial – Barber Booking App Teil 28 Wagen zwischen Kunden und Mitarbeitern synchronisieren

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Hallo ! In diesem Teil werden wir:
– Der feste Einkaufswagen kann gelöscht + gelöscht werden
– Synchronisieren Sie den Warenkorb bei der Buchung an das Personal
– Entfernen Sie die Warnung in TotalPriceFragment, da der Standardkonstruktor nicht mithilfe von EventBus verwendet wird

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  1. Good video sir :'D can u do video to how sinc services ?plz and user can see the price of services thx u !

  2. Sir, please make a tutorial in which you will make an application with a choice of wallpapers, downloading new ones and installing them on the desktop.

  3. Is the Barber Staff going to be able to cancel an appointment/booking?

  4. Always the best, thank you !!!

  5. Are you using retrofit for web services?

  6. Very good tutorial, thank you

  7. im first like always . your tutorials are beyond any measure…you dont know this maybe…but you know that you mister are doing a great job by sharing and showing to people how to make somethings done..and many people are using this to work and gain money that help them to live and being happy.
    so from the bottom of ly heart and from many ..we say to you dear : thank you for being alive,thank you for existing,thank you for your lessons and tutorials ,thank you for the love you are sharing by your knowledge thank you bein a apart from youtube. your are the one that i prefer in programming,keep up good work as always,move forward everyday man and keep learning and sharing because your are ,'A MASTER ' . see ya man

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