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Android Fireside Chat (Google I / O & # 39; 19)

Lernen Sie von einer Expertengruppe des Android-Plattform-Entwicklungsteams, in der sie Fragen live aus der Community beantworten.

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Sprecher: Chet Haase, Anwar Ghuloum, Tor Norbye, Dan Sandler, Yigit Boyar, Aurash Mahbod, Romain Guy, Stephanie Cuthbertson, Paul Bankhead


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  1. Is it best to invest ones time on Flutter or Jetpack Compose (given its in its early stages now)?

  2. The limitation vs innovation question.
    Your answer makes sense: in area where developers hurt users (ex. Battery life) you come in and limit it.
    But still, there are other things you could do: human review for those kind of permissions, better documentation on how to do it right etc… Instead if closing down the API you could just become a lot more restrictive with your app reviews for those parts 🙂

  3. No questions about scoped storage? I'm surprised

  4. What about clipboard and scoped storage?
    Clipboard apps got restricted so much that they don't function well at all.
    And scoped storage ruins apps so that they have to use SAF, and so they can't reach files using file-path anymore, which is used by both third party libraries and Android framework.

  5. This is a big f u to java developers doing Android, 34:46

  6. Loved the awkward/difficult questions (android native vs flutter, wearOS etc.) Good job developers!

  7. Note to self by 8:09 it would be great if there was an app that was basically a way to create a "composite" voice interaction service that lets you run other apps, like an assistant runner — i wonder if that is possible after Q tho

  8. Google should be ashamed and embarrassed of the state of WearOS. Instead of focusing on products that people actually use, they waste their engineering resources building a streaming video game service that will most likely be gone in three years.

  9. -Android + Fuschia + (PWA+ AMP) + Flutter Fireside Chat

  10. Why some questions doesn't make sense?

  11. Work manager's periodic task request still does not work as indicated

  12. Kotlin Native is not as heavily promoted as Flutter, kind of sad

  13. That one question which was not asked. :'(

  14. Great chat! Wanted to add to question at 20:17 about providing ways to help new developers learn Android. Perhaps a wizard flow or a comparison or something for each part of Jetpack. Some libraries in Jetpack do the same things in different ways. Some good for MVVM, Rx, etc. Would it be cool in the docs to say: Hey, you want to make a screen? OK, what will it do (View paging, list, buttons) and help the users direct them to the best way you think to complete the task. So you'd categorise the libraries and help direct the users to the path they should do, rather than just giving them a blurb about each library which can be overwhelming. That would be awesome!

  15. So no one talked about bots banning developers account for vague reasons and not providing human support? @32:50 Steph if you really deeply care about developers head on to androiddev subreddit you will find a couple of account bans post everyday, which devs could do nothing about.

  16. i thought i was the only one seeing all the changes

  17. why i love android
    apple disable YouTube comment and android directly discusses

  18. Android is the best operating system

  19. I learned android from Chet and Romain in 2010..Big fan !! Good to see Romain back in Google !! Amazing team at Google

  20. Should have done same for Flutter

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