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Android Jetpack: Verwalten Sie unendliche Listen mit RecyclerView und Paging (Google I / O & # 39; 18)

Eine Einführung in die Paging-Bibliothek in Android Arch Components. In dieser Sitzung werden lokale Beispiele (mit Raumbibliothek) und Beispiele für Remotespeicher (mit Nachrüstung) behandelt, das Design erläutert und erläutert, wie sie mit anderen Architekturkomponenten zusammenpassen.

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  1. To anyone planning to use this Library DON'T. Its absolute TRASH!. You cant even remove items from the list.

  2. horrible , ios win simple is better

  3. Thank you google, very cool 👍

  4. Isn't recyclerview supposed to cache and only load what is visible anyway, so what's the point of this.

  5. Someone have an example that shows placeholders?

  6. This was posted a year ago and I can confirm that Google has provided zero working examples showing how to do this in a real app. Their guide also has code that does not compile. Definitely one of the worst APIs released.

  7. In my application, I am invalidating the source whenever a new item is added to the database. But the PagedList jumps to the top of the list whenever I do so. Can anybody help please…

  8. Hi guys, I'm wondering how do you invalidate small set of the datasource? For example, in the video Yigit says that, in a Contact List Application, contact that start with H to O has changed. How do ask the datasource, whether its Positional, ItemKeyed, or Paged data sources to load only at certain position? Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

  9. Whenever in call pagedList.size() inside observe of viewmodel it always returns zero. Does anyone know why?

  10. I can barely understand this guy. So he must be smart!

  11. We got it. Another library.

  12. I may be wrong but this library sounds non-trivial and sounds like it requires a real deep integration into the app which renders it super difficult in future to replace when the next shiny library is released. Tread with caution I guess… unless you're building an app which won't survive longer than a year.

  13. I see kotlin i downvote…

  14. Is this all even possible in Java to begin with?

  15. Can I download the PPT or keynote file?

  16. Important and great talk 🙂 !

  17. Making the Dao method return a Datasource.Factory for the sole purpose of being consumed by the pagelist adapter creates too much of a dependency between the ui and the persistent storage because it leaks ui implementation details to the model, effectively breaking CLEAN architecture. This Datasource.Factory should be open to implement in the repository layer and it should let us worry about implementing the SQL query or Api call to page.

  18. Why they were using asyncTasks for everything (tutorials, samples, etc) and now I am seeing executors everywhere?

  19. I'm honestly done with listening to these people. When they finish hacking and rehacking, implementing one language, then another, one API, then another….when they all agree and can write a book on Android, I'll listen. Honestly I can't keep up with all the tricks, magic, DSL they invent.

  20. No java examples lead me to believe that google plans on letting java die out eventually.

  21. That thick turky accent =))

  22. Any github example would be great…

  23. It would be nice if we have something like NetworkBoundResource for BoundaryCallback. I mean a generic Java code sample. 🙂

  24. Oooh 11:50 RxPagedListBuilder that is cool

  25. Does it work with recycleview inside nestedscrollview ? If not then it end up with normal paging some where and new paging some where that look bad

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