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Android News # 23 – Android P für Moto G6 bestätigt, Redmi Note 5 Pro Oreo, A5 2017 erhält Oreo !!!

Motorola Moto G6 Plus hat bestätigt, Android 9.0 P zu erhalten. Motorola hat außerdem angekündigt, innerhalb von 60 bis 90 Tagen Sicherheitspatches für Moto E5 und G6 bereitzustellen. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 und S7 Edge sind bereit, Oreo zu erhalten. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 erhält sein Oreo-Update mit Samsung Experience 9.0, Nokia 2 erhält April 2018 Patch, Redmi Note 5 Pro Globales stabiles Oreo-ROM jetzt zum Download verfügbar, Huawei Mate 10 Pro Android P Build.




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  1. #fake ….I am using Moto g6 I didn't even got Oreo 8.0 update

  2. What's really disappointing is that the Moto g series lineup only gets 1 major os update that's stupid they should offer 2 major OS updates like very other phone manufacturer does it there phone and there company it's there choice nothing is going to fix that despite the disappointment I still like Motorola

  3. Moto g5s plus can get officially android p update

  4. Will redmi Note 5 pro will get Android P or not ??? In China It launched with name of redmi Note 5 with Android Oreo and if in China it will get Android P then will Indian redmi Note 5 pro will also get it or not ???

  5. Android p for Moto g5 plus?????????

  6. When will Motorola update g5 plus, g5s plus,g5,g5s

  7. Will Asus zenfone Max Pro M1 get Android p?

  8. Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro will get project treble or not??

  9. Bro how to get Oreo on Redmi note 5 pro

  10. I got oreo update on my moto z play 😊😊😊

  11. Doesn't Make Sence To Go With Moto I'm Too A Moto User And Moto Lover Bt Now They Sucks infact Nokia To Better Then Moto Now …🤞

  12. when will RN5Pro will get official oreo OTA update??

  13. Bro redmi note 5 for oreo update please reply??

  14. Moto fake.
    Moto G5s plus no update . No Oreo update.. fake promise

  15. Any news about MOTO Z2 PLAY Oreo update?

  16. Nice video
    Xiomio ROM game cRacK
    Visit mychannel#KINGSTARGAME

  17. When will moto g6 series launch in India?

  18. Motorola just want to increase sales on their shit spec'd phone.

  19. Moto g6 series killer is coming Mia2 with lots of better feature and with good camera and with Android one 😀

  20. Will Redmi note 5 pro get android P after Oreo

  21. When Moto g5 series receive Android O

  22. Motorola starts rolling out Oreo update for the Moto Z Play!

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