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Android Q Beta 3: Datenschutz leicht gemacht

Bei Google I / O haben wir die neueste Beta von Android Q installiert und das Pixel 3a getestet. Diese neue Version ist mehr als jede andere frühere Android-Version darauf ausgerichtet, den Benutzern die Kontrolle über ihre Daten und den Zugriff auf Apps zu geben.


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  1. Now you can manage who has access to your location as well as your personal information. Implying that Google doesn't have all of that already.

  2. The recent app swipe to the side Samsung already use in their good lock app. It works fine with a quick apps on the side as well simply allocate an area of the phone for each function. I don't know why you guys don't know this probably because you don't focus properly on anything but Google and iPhone devices.

  3. The pill gestures aren't new….. God I wish tech journalists knew what they were talking about.

  4. You swipe and hold it, not swipe up and swipe to the side. Smh

  5. sorry, but Android & privacy in the same sentence doesn’t work 🙂

  6. Android Q is cool and all but it doesn't let you play clash of clans. I'm being raided 😭!!!!!!!!!

  7. what phone is that in the first 10 seconds?

  8. How can I get this on my 3a XL?

  9. MIUI/iOS gestures are king.
    Why are the stock android gestures taking up 5% of the display at the bottom?

    Please remove the navigation bar beside the navigation pill.

  10. How about an Android equivalent for AirDrop?

  11. I got the Google pixel 3a XL and I wanna test it out on this phone… Oh and this camera was a sorta nice update from the LG G7

  12. It will be called Android Queen Cake surely.

  13. Is is stable enough to use it on the main phone?

  14. Hey google

    Can you make battery bar at the top more interesting to see.

    Like put the battery percentage in the 🔋 battery. Or make the battery change it color when it reach some percentage. Like white for 100-70
    Blue for 70-50
    Yellow 50-20
    Red 20-1


    You can remove the 🔋 icon at the top, and just give the batter percentage only with color inside it.

  15. My other suggestions

    1. For the google search at the bottom of the phone, can you give option to us to relocate it or remove it.

    2. Or, can you make it like iphone, swipe at the middle of screen to bottom, can access to google search

    3. For google search, please redirect it to chrome browser starightaway or any other browser. Not in google assistanct like you do right now.

    4. please provide IN SCREEN RECORDING WITH SOUND. Exlcude the outside voice. The apps for this in play store cannot give satisfaction like iphone recording in screen offer.
    Please google, you can do better than them.

  16. Hey google,
    Can you make the lockscreen more interesting
    1. Swipe from left can access to google news or widget like iphone do, because i want to see my calendar widget and some widget without unlocking it.

    2. On lock screen, can you relocate the position of clock. It so annoying because i could not find lockscreen wallpaper because the clock block the main thing in it. Please relocate it a big higher or like iphone do. Or provide a option to us to relocate it anywhere we want.

    From ex-iphone user.

  17. I'm I the only one who likes the pill navigation

  18. Lol swipe comes in iphone 3 years back

  19. I didnt even upgraded to Android pie because i just hate the new horizontal scheme for recent apps, cascade/vertical was much more better, i hoped they will change that back!!

  20. "google cares about your privacy"

    no they don't.

  21. Sooooo… Google tracks, stores, and shares my personal data for profit.
    I am supposed to put faith in their newest security features and programs ?
    Hahahahaha ! 🙄

  22. Q android is open wide to mi6. NSA sims, Netherlands codes are installed open door to Q hallucinogen! $ barcode. AI fail. 🎥.

  23. This guy is the best on Engadget!

  24. i like the idea of diagonal swipe for recent apps

  25. Great Job, Sir! Thank You Very Much for this "Update" video. I Love It!

  26. Hahaha who uses facebook messenger anymore? It's like still using MySpace in 2010. Who's not on telegram here?

  27. I already have dark mode and those same gestures on my Huawei Mate 20. So that's not new really.

  28. Is it a daily driver worth?
    And battery comparatively to B2?

  29. There is still lag in that google assistant thing in video… annoying for me to speak and wait for it to respond

  30. Yes and apple had it like forever. Good news for android 😀

  31. OnePlus gestures are the best implementation but I always go back to the Pie man bar because on OnePlus phone at least… You can configure long and short presses on the pill icon which I use for spilt screen. Also the pie man bar makes for the best quick app switches imo. Lastly, the Android Q gesture where you swipe in from the side to go back it stupid. My current phone case wouldn't allow that. Oneplus let's you swipe up from one of the sides from the bottom bezel instead

  32. Is it me, or has IOS have those since way before?

  33. Android Q must become "Android Q: Queijadinha".

  34. "Queijadinha" – Portuguese coconut muffins.

  35. how can i DL android q beta? i submitted the request, but when i check for updates, i dont have any. in fact, my last security update was march 5th (pixel 3a owner here)

  36. google-Privacy??? lol… laughable.

  37. Google should take note of Fluid Navigation Gesture, seriously it's the best!

  38. Anyone knows how to use new navigation along with YouTube background play?

  39. I downloaded the Q beta a couple hours ago and it's WAY better than Pie!

    Gestures are awesome! Dark mode is beautiful! The whole OS is really smooth, fast and snappy! Quite surprised it's as good as it is for a beta! Knowing the full release will be even more polished…wow!

    It's not without it's issues. But performance wise it's way better than Pie!

  40. The problem you talk too much extra bullshit running around the point

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