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Android Q Beta 4, Google Research Football und Chrome 75

TL; DR 160 | Die Google Developer News Show

Android Q Beta 4 →
Developer Student Clubs – Bewerben Sie sich als Lead →
Flutter Culture Guide →
TensorNetwork stellt sich vor →
Einführung in Google Research Football →
Neu in Chrome 75 →

Entwickleranwältin Emily Fortuna informiert Sie hier über die neuesten Entwicklernachrichten von Google.

Schalten Sie jede Woche für eine neue Folge ein und teilen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zu den neuesten Ankündigungen in den Kommentaren unten mit! 😃

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  1. For more comments check out the blog ! 😁

  2. >: miss old Chrome minimalistic ui

  3. I want to be part of Google developer club. I've only 1 year left in my ug course. How can I do so.

  4. For Dsc I have sent couple of mail but didn't get any reply !

  5. Is Android q beta 4 released to supported devices such as Ex: realme 3 pro, if not when will it be available ?

  6. Big fan here from flutter boring show and flutter presentations… awesome video…

  7. I loved your interview on Flutterando, your are amazing Emily 🙂

  8. Enabled Chrome on my Android, after watching this, it has been a while with Samsung Browser.

  9. Jio sim not working in q beta 3 realms 3 pro phone

  10. I'm toooo excited for android Q, but you guys need to use the gesture style that xiaomi uses, the upper portion of the sides doesn't trigger the back button allowing you to get the hamburger menu and the bottom for back

  11. Really liking this series. Videos on updates are awesome.

  12. Hi Emily. I get used to you.

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