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Android Q Beta 5, Flutter 1.7 und Cloud-TPU-Pods

TL; DR 165 | Die Google Developer News Show

Android Q Beta 5 Update →

Ankündigung von Flattern 1.7 →

Cloud TPU Pods brechen KI-Trainingsrekorde →

Ankündigung von Docsy: Ein Website-Theme für technische Dokumentation →

Hier, um Ihnen die neuesten Entwicklernachrichten von Google zu bringen, ist der Entwickleranwalt Jen Person.

Schalten Sie jede Woche für eine neue Folge ein und teilen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zu den neuesten Ankündigungen in den Kommentaren unten mit! 😃

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  1. Is there any applock, double tap to wake feature is available in it , Answer me please ?????

  2. I love google developer news. Keep updating us from latest news ans updates………. Thank You

  3. RECOMMENDATION: Make swiping in from the right side of the screen the "back" gesture. Make swiping in from the left side of the screen the "menu pull out" gesture. All the rest of the gestures are PERFECT!!!!

  4. Will Flutter support 3D games ?

  5. Flutter Desktop?????????????????????????????????????

  6. Please out the call of duty mobile

  7. Also please update on GoLang 🙂

  8. please provide Android q update for mi a2 phone

  9. I am working on one project using flutter but i updated flutter to 1.7 and run the project i got some error in dependancy of RangeSlider now i downloaded previous version now its works fine.still flutter needs some more stability

  10. Finalize the AudioPlaybackCapture API for Android Q, to record internal audio.
    It's not stable yet.
    Everyone wants to record their intermal audio of PUBG gameplay with ability to talk with teammates.

  11. For a genuine user feedback, comments, likes & subscribe kindly checkout the comment the next week below! :3 :')

  12. CodingWithMitch, CodingInFlow

  13. Flutter 1.7 still have some issues with android Q

  14. will Android Q finally fix my outstandin driber complaint from 1995? :3

  15. 0:27 really well optimized, now I really want a phone with a notch

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