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Android Q Beta 5 ist da! – Was ist neu?

Google hat heute Android Q Beta 5 für Entwickler und Betatester veröffentlicht. Android Q ist die neue Version von Android und kann auf Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO, OnePlus, Xioami und vielen anderen Geräten getestet werden. Ich zeige Ihnen alle neuen Funktionen, einschließlich Gesten, Benachrichtigungsänderungen, Änderungen des Dunkelmodus, Änderungen des Startbildschirms und mehr für das Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

Android Q Beta
Android Q Änderungen –

Panasonic GH5 –
Leica Lens –
Speicherkarte –
🎤 Mikrofon
Heil PR40 –
Focusrite 2i2 –

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  1. The dark theme is not working on my Pixel 2

  2. I'm still trying to get used to the new navigation gestures but really like it a lot

  3. Need an option to auto switch to dark mode and light mode based on time of day

  4. Auto Bright Ness option,adpituve brightness doesn't work good for games

  5. google adds security for Q and I don't care ..

  6. It works on the OnePlus 7 pro also right

  7. At least I can say it's better than Samsung where they actually have the volume fixed we're on the Google pixel 1 on Android nougat when it shipped with that software on it it at least had the volume on the left side of the way from all the apps where Android is still blocking it with the intrusive volume indicator when you turn up the volume on Samsung devices and it still hasn't been fixed for 10 years and that's a big turn-off for me 10 years and they can't get that right they can clearly make it smaller but they're probably not going to fix it until Android or which is going to be 12 years until it's fixed because Android Q's going to be released with the Galaxy S11 and maybe I'll screen without the camera hole will see either way I don't care about how the device looks as long as the volume indicator is fixed Samsung get your s*** together clearly Google as had it for three or four years and it's not the best volume indicator because you still have to hit the little edit button or the arrow button and expand it on the home screen or wherever you are but at least they have it better than you had it right now it's still blocking a huge chunk of the screen where Google still has a small chunk unless you expand it then it's more of a little chunk but just normally turning up the volume is way better than at least Samsung has right now I'm not a huge fan of Google but they do stuff that I like that Samsung hasn't done in clearly 10 years including the volume control and all scream cuz they still have a notch on their screen even if it's a camera it still has the same purpose of a notch it's still in the way and it still could you add sunscreen yes iPhones do to but iPhone had full screen before any Android phone has yes other phones have had notches on them in different types of ways but the iPhone was the first to do in 2017 no phone in 2017 had the notch Google could have said they had it first actually I think it was LG with their phone but they just said that because they wanted to copy Apple and they wanted to say they were first even though they weren't either way Apple did it first so they're better than every company in terms of software and everything and all screen but the best phones that are out right now or obviously any Apple phones and Samsung phones don't get a Google phone or an LG phone or Sony phone they all either have bezels or camera holes or some type of Notch but they also have a black bezel at the bottom like the pixels and the pixel does have a notch but it's way bigger than the iPhones and the iPhone doesn't have a huge ass black bezel at the bottom like Google does and two big bezels like the Sony Xperia one has which is basically Xperia xz4 I like Sony in terms of PlayStation but other than that they suck the better than Samsung in terms of updates for Samsung phones because Sony does way the hell more updates on Playstation than Samsung ever will do in their life but Apple in terms of phones are better than Samsung in some ways and vice versa with Samsung vs apple butin some ways and vice versa with Samsung vs apple but who is really not doing well is Sony and Google in terms of phones in terms of PlayStation Sony and Apple are way better than Samsung and Google and LG but if it were my bed I'd rather either have Apple Samsung or any other company like Vivo I'd rather have Vivo also then Google or Sony or Samsung in terms of consoles and in terms of consoles Sony is better than everybody else

  8. The big turn down with pixel phones and stock Android in general for Android p and Q android has been the same on Google phones and really many phones for years Android nougat on the Google pixel 1 was the same as Android Oreo and Android p on the Google pixel I don't think I should have upgraded to Android q and I'm glad I didn't because nothing looks different the app still look the same you can still do the circle square icons you can still do what you were able to on Android for the past couple years the Android apps didn't change option either to have circled Corners on squared icons or anyting kind of like on iOS I don't know just nothing has changed in a long time and that's a big turn down for me and many other people for sure I know someone who has a pixel and she said she likes it but she hates hell nothing has changed in the past 3 to 4 years the icon still look the same or even if the I constant change there wasn't a new option to change the icons look or how the software looks in terms of default wise not to mention when you turn up the brightness especially on the original pixel with an OLED panel you can turn it up all the way and it doesn't get bright at all fresh it it's like you turned it up to 15% even though it's up all the way and then you go outside and you can't see it obviously it's way too bright when you're inside but then when you go outside you can't see s*** I have an iPod touch and it has an LCD and it has a brighter display than that and it's a really cheap LCD screen Google you need to work on that you need to get your shift together and change it so you can have your brightness all the way up otherwise you wouldn't have a problem with battery life but who do I have to turn it up all the way and I still can't see it at times acts like it turns it up 15% and I can see it just as much as if I were to turn up my iPod Touch to 15% it's horrible it's actually more like probably like I turned it up to 5% is that bad I don't know if that was just for the original pixel but I don't have any help with other pixels that's why I upgraded to my iPhone XS Max and I love it I don't have to turn it up at all when I go outside and it's down all the way in terms of the brightness and I can still see it inside and outside perfectly on a dark night or like a medium to dark or medium to light area outside you have to almost go underneath a lamp or a street light outside in order to see the pixel at 100% even though it's like you turned it up to 15% but you didn't you turn it up to 100% so in that terms they have to fix that and they were always sucking battery because I turned it up to 100% cuz I couldn't see it when it was all the way down inside my house like I can with the iPod touch and it has a cheap LCD in it which is clearly better than the OLED screen in the pixel clearly Google hasn't gotten that right yet to be able to turn the brightness all the way up and it would turn up all the way I know it's not very bright and it would hurt your eyes if it was very bright but it literally was like I turned it up to 15% not even 15% it's like I turned it up to like 5% on my iPod Touch only on the pixel then when I went outside it was literally like it was at 5% I literally have to stand under some sort of light just to make it look like it's at 100% what a joke Google if you could fix that Google that would be great but seeing since you haven't fixed it with the Google pixel 1 and the Google pixel 4 about to come out I wouldn't be surprised if it's not fixed yet

  9. How to get this beta 5 on non pixel devices plz reply….

  10. Can i use this rom on my redmi device..
    If then can u tell me the procedure

  11. I want to downgrade my pixel xl to 7.1.2.
    How can i do?

  12. Seemed like minor changes, hopin' that Android Q will have its unique

  13. Messenger doesn't Work properly 🙃🙃🙃🙃😒😒😒

  14. Is it okay to upgrade pixel 3 xl to android q beta for daily usage?
    Please guide

  15. Will this update consume more of the phone's battery? In that case i'm not updating it.

  16. with large screens google need to implement Bottom Notifications

  17. When youre stuck on kitkat

  18. Take lower battery and faster?

  19. Gesture is not new. Huawei Mate 20 pro has it for some time.

  20. Is notification LED light working in pixel 2 in this update…

  21. Where is Dual sim dsds feature for pixel 2 and 3 can anyone answer please…

  22. Just excited about the fact that sooner😹 no one can say iOS is smoother

  23. Tell me, does android q has google assistant in Hebrew?

  24. Some videos are forced into full screen like those of MKHBD and even this one, I can't seem to pinch and zoom out of full screen with the 3XL. Where as the iPhone can do that. Is this problem resolved in Q?

  25. How do u download the beta?

  26. do you like the android q gestures ?

  27. The peak at 3:35 has been there for ages, from around Ice Cream Sandwich

  28. Thank god i owned ios 😒

  29. Breaks phone while squeezing to hard

  30. Watching On Pixel 2 XL and waiting for full Andriod Q update.

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