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Android Q – Edge-to-Edge-Apps

Mit Android Q können Sie Ihren Benutzern ein umfassendes Bildschirmerlebnis für Ihre Apps bieten. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mithilfe der gestischen Navigation die Navigations- / Systemleiste transparent machen und wie Sie mit widersprüchlichen Gesten in Ihrer App umgehen.

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  1. My personal opinion: I don't like when apps hide my navigation bar. For the first time I was really confused because I didn't know how to get it back. And even now when I do know, I have to perform one extra gesture to navigate/exit the app. So, for me personally: transparent navigation bar – cool, hidden navigation bar – not really.

  2. Need help.. Please suggest me, how to make "next, prev, share and download" button below images and the image also should be swiped when we swipe it by our finger in android studio

  3. Wonderful initiative

  4. But how will bottom navigation bar work? Any thoughts

  5. What will happen to navigation drawers?

  6. custom rom is the solution.

  7. Already use this for a long time support api 19+

  8. doesn't work on my phone because once your phone is 2 years or 3 years old you can even get Android 8 or 9

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