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Android Studio 3.5, Cloud Run-Schaltfläche, BigQuery Terraform-Modul

TL; DR 171 | Die Google Developer News Show

Android Studio 3.5 →

Cloud-Run-Schaltfläche →

BigQuery Terraform-Modul →

Geräteinterne Handverfolgung in Echtzeit →

Hier, um Ihnen die neuesten Entwicklernachrichten von Google zu bringen, ist der Entwickleranwalt Timothy Jordan.

Schalten Sie jede Woche für eine neue Folge ein und teilen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zu den neuesten Ankündigungen in den Kommentaren unten mit! 😃

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  1. Don't install any 'stable' versions of Android Studio, they are usually full of bugs

  2. I downloaded the Android studio 3.5 and getting gradle sync error… It says ndk version is unknown please help me out

  3. OMG ANDROID STUDIO IS NOW STABLE. This is a sign of the apocalypse. Life is a lie.

  4. "The ability to perceive the shape and motion of hands could be a vital component …in your app."

    Hohoho, could it now? [Continues firmly holding on to Alphabet shares]

  5. That detecting hand gestures can make interacting with a mobile device much easier, if it works.

  6. Android studio was really made much better the last one..

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