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Android Studio Tutorial – Google AR Core-Szenenform

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Mit Sceneform ist es einfach, realistische 3D-Szenen in AR- und Nicht-AR-Apps zu rendern, ohne OpenGL lernen zu müssen. Es enthält:

 – Eine übergeordnete Szenendiagramm-API

Ein realistischer physikalisch basierter Renderer von Filament

– Ein Android Studio-Plugin zum Importieren, Anzeigen und Erstellen von 3D-Assets

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  1. tks for a great tutorial. Could you share where u can find 3D objects out freely, please ?

  2. Is it possible to change the size of the animals and change the standard orientation (direction the animals look)?

  3. Nice Video! Please more with Google AR Core Sceneform:)

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial.

  5. Failed to import fbx.
    I even tried manually by writing:

    apply plugin: 'com.google.ar.sceneform.plugin'

    sceneform.asset('sampledata/models/bear.fbx', // 'Source Asset Path' specified during import.
    'default', // 'Material Path' specified during import.
    'sampledata/bear.fbx', // '.sfa Output Path' specified during import.
    'src/main/res/raw/bear') // '.sfb Output Path' specified during import

  6. No option called "Batch Drawable Importer"
    Tried installing Android Drawable Importer from several sources.
    Failed to install from all of them.

  7. Thank you, your video is very helpful !)

  8. At 21:00 the ".build().thenAccept " the .build is red on mine. Is there a reason for this not being recognized?

  9. Do you know why my test app is not opened successfully? The installation is successfully done but the "test1 app keeps stopping" message appears everytime I open the emulator.
    Many thanks beforehand!

  10. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. The app works but i am unable to drag the 3D images to the plane. Would you know where i am going wrong?

  11. I am trying to build a furniture app with your tutorial, the problem I am getting is that the textures cannot be found. When I use your assets, like the bear, the textures appear… Do you know why? I am using png files for the textures for the furniture as well..

  12. Hey,
    I have a Xiami Mi 9T and I read an article that my phone supports ARCore. But when I build the app that I made watching the tutorial it crashes instantly… Can you please help me?

  13. is there a way to save the entire scene ? so when i restart i already see the animals where i left them

  14. could you/anyone link a video for deleting a selected 3d model from the ar scene

  15. what if want to export the 3D object result (the animal with the name above) into a .obj file for example ? is that possible ?

  16. When I click on the animals for selecting the app crashes. Please help

  17. 24:14
    Could you tell me how do you generate code automatically?

  18. sir can sceneform work properly in windows 10, 8gb ram, and how much minimum processor needed to work properly.

  19. can you tell how to change the orientation of 3d model , my case is using image as trackable and the model displayed on the center of image and i want to change the orientation of that model.

  20. How do we change the 3D objects. For example if I want a chair or any furniture instead of the animal then what do I do ?

  21. Sir, while clicking import sceneform assets and finish it shows import error with two options revert and keep broken grade changes

  22. when i run the app scene is detected and white dots are displayed but the 3d model is not projected.
    I get this in the logs in android studio when running the app in my phone
    "E/ACameraMetadata: getConstEntry: cannot find metadata tag 65578"…help

  23. where is ur link to import 3d model?

  24. Do you have a github with the code mate? great tutorial by the way

  25. Thanks for the tutorial sir, I have been trying something like this. But I cannot remove one 3d model from screen. I can place them, but I don't know how to detach them.. In your preview I saw that feature. Can you please mention in what part of your code I would find my solution?

  26. when I install the app and run… it takes only first sticker.. why?

  27. I am getting this error
    E/ARCore-AuthenticationManager: Exception during AuthenticationManager construction: com.google.android.gms.common.GoogleApiAvailability

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.google.android.gms.common.GoogleApiAvailability.
    Can you please tell me how can i fix it??

  28. Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to get length of null array

  29. I don't know how to drag the animals to floor

  30. Hello sir, thanks for the tutorial, I've been trying to make an app similar to Skyview lite but for the detection of objects and I don't really know how to dynamically detect the objects and display the information related to it. Can you help me out with this?

  31. hi can you make a tutorial about Augmented Reality Measurement. Like an AR Ruler which will be used to measure the length of buildings and other things

  32. Hii Eddy. I have requirements in office of AR. I want to add human skeleton and our solar system model in Android app. And it should be downloadable to see offline. How I can do it. Please explain me . I am searching today.

  33. Is it possible to consume the 3d fbx files from an API?

  34. Hello sir … I would like to thank you for your all works you are amazing. I want to ask you one question please do a tutorial on Location-based Augmented Reality that mark the place

    Thank you

  35. I use the 1.13.0 Sceneform, when I get the context session I got error
    E/ARCore-AuthenticationManager: Exception during AuthenticationManager construction: com.google.android.gms.common.GoogleApiAvailability

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.google.android.gms.common.GoogleApiAvailability. Pls help me!

  36. Nice tutorial, can I ask the specs of the pc you are using…tnx

  37. Sir,I need your advice I am going to buy huawei model y9 that is launched in 2019.But it has 3 models y9/y9s/y9 prime each OS is above 8.0.But in official documentation of ARCORE supported devices it is mentioned only y9(2019).Does it means y9s/y9 prime does not support arcore?Can you guide me please.

  38. failed to create AR session error am getting

  39. I don't know but I have follow your tutorial and write code 5 times but when I select an animal it always selects by default bear. Does anyone know the solution? And my dots are scattered like it comes to show at some point and hide at another point can I have to set some dimension so that it always showed point please tell me the solution . Thank you in advance

  40. Hey Hi Nice video… but I am not getting assets, what I have to do..please help

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