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Android Studio Tutorial – Teil 5 (Ausgabe 2019)

In diesem Video-Tutorial für Anfänger von Android-App-Entwicklern erstellen wir eine if-Anweisung und fügen unserem XML-Layout ein Foto hinzu. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine ImageView hinzufügen und ihre Größe ändern und die zu zeichnende Ressource ändern. Wir werden mit Android Studio und Kotlin arbeiten. Lass uns anfangen! .

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  1. i have connected with my mobile but the image is not appearing on the application can anybody help me with it

  2. Hello Daniel, Thanks for your great tutorials, I was wonder about something a little more complex.
    Can you make a video about how to code video streaming app in Kotlin.
    If yes, that would be great, I'll be watching all of your tutorials either way, but I am definitely interested in video streaming if possible.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Can you teach a little bit? I need to know why you do what you do. I now that tutorials is just a following of steps so by definition this are great tutorials but just in case you need ideas for tutorials… it will be awesome to actually learn how to code. (concepts, sintax, tools, protocols, patterns)

  4. Hi Daniel, after I copied my images under drawable and continued to do the steps till Image View, I am not able to see the newly pasted images in the drawable file. What's happening?

  5. word on screen is not visible well . make it well visible for easy to follow your step

  6. Greetings Daniel, I have followed part 5 and wrote the code, I'm using a Samsung s7 as an emulator. When I run the app it comes up with all the buttons and picture but when I fill in bad and hit the button my phone closes the app. Any idea what is wrong? Anybody else have this problem please reply!

  7. awesome, please keep these videos up!!

  8. Daniel, your tutorials are great and I am learning a lot. I have a lot of questions, but I will only ask 1 at a time. What is the reason for the "d", it would be nice to know why its required. How did you learn what statements to use such as "setOnClickListener". I hope you see this comment!

  9. For some reason, when I click the button after typing in "bad" to change the picture, the app crashes and closes suddenly. No one else in the comments seems to be having this issue, but I'm not sure what's wrong.

  10. Greetings from Malaysia. Thank you very much sir for this helpful tutorial.

  11. Hi, is there any way you could please create a weather app in java that tells the weather in your location and that saves multiple weather locations please. Most tutorials I find are outdated or confusing.

  12. I appreciate the tutorials so much! Hopefully something regarding how to set up a date picker or display current date comes up soon!

  13. Awesome tutorial thanks for uploading! Btw would it be possible for us to use this logic for videos and not just pictures?

  14. Please do a tutorial on something to do with internet access in an app.
    For example something like how you’d store usernames/passwords that users enter.
    Or even better, how you’d add a live feed. Is that even possible in android studio?
    A tutorial would be great!

  15. you re awesome man keep doing these tutorial

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