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Android Tutorial (2018) – 24 – Raumdatenbank – Raum vorbereiten und konfigurieren

In diesem Video erstellen wir eine einfache Beispielanwendung für Android Room Database.

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  1. thanks a million my friend!! i'll to continue wathing all your videos… I'm learning a lot!!

  2. hii bro how are you?i have a problems in room database..i want take sum of coloumn in room databse but i dont know how..help me please i should take total price ..how i can ?please guide me

  3. implementation "android.arch.persistence.room:runtime:1.0.0"

    annotationProcessor "android.arch.persistence.room:compiler:1.0.0"

  4. Please I need your feedback.
    For each entity, a table is created.
    So if I want my database to have 10 tables I need to create 10 entity class right?

  5. I swear by God I've spent months trying to add Room Library to my Android Studio project, eventually, I banged my PC with a hammer.

  6. Your explanations are really good, thanks for the video. Try releasing project files with each lesson!

  7. I have this porblem:
    Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformDexArchiveWithExternalLibsDexMergerForDebug'. > java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.android.builder.dexing.DexArchiveMergerException: Unable to merge dex
    How to fix it?

  8. Great video sir. Can you please make a video tutorial on how to create a multiple table using room database. When I tried to create another table, there was an error says

    error: There is a problem with the query: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: Hymnals)

  9. i get this errors may you help me

    Error:(24, 94) error: constructor Delegate in class Delegate
    cannot be applied to given types;
    required: int
    found: no arguments
    reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length

    Error:(42, 33) error: constructor Column in class Column cannot be applied to given types;
    required: String,String,boolean,int
    found: String,String,int
    reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length

  10. Hello. Is there a tutorial on how to import/export room database?

  11. my suggestion:-

    Make videos no join tables with room persistence library.

    all join types:-
    1) One to One.

    2) One to many.

    3) Many to Many.

  12. Dear Sir videos are good i am following you for many years. Did you have any tutorial Primary and Foreign key relationship in ROOM?

  13. Great video thanks. Just be carefull of using shortcuts, its hard to follow (I think you used Alt+Insert for generat at one point, it took me a bit to find out what was going on)

  14. there are some faults in the code.. the database is turning out to be null and its not letting the insert query run.

  15. Very helpful tutorial. Could you please provide complete source code link. That would help more. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hello, can i download the code for this project, how?

  17. Thank you. Yet another great video!

  18. Thanks For The video @PRABEESH R K
    But why you don't give us tutorial about Realm Database i have heard its the best Object Database ever

  19. Good prabeesh sir what is the use of room database and how is it different from other databases

  20. What is the purpose of room database?? Is it similar to sqlite database or something else??

  21. i prabeesh sir i have one question for you. I have one android webview app that fetch data from worpress website and i have place two banner ad and one interstitial ad then i tried to upload it on playstore but they reject my app again and again. Can you please help me to resolve my issue. so that i can successfully upload app on playstore

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