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ASUS 6Z Bewertung | Vergleich mit OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, Reno 10x Zoom

Der # ASUS6Z ist die beste Alternative zum # OnePlus7 und # OnePlus7Pro. Finden Sie in unserem äußerst detaillierten Test des Telefons heraus, warum. Der Preis beginnt bei Rs 31.999. Weitere Informationen zu Preisen und Verfügbarkeit erhalten Sie über den folgenden Link.


KAUFEN Asus 6Z –
KAUFEN OnePlus 7 –

Gastgeber: Ershad
Herausgeber: Nitesh

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  1. Can anyone explain why the screen of this phone, in review videos, looks blue-ish most of the time and then sometimes NOT blue-ish? Both cases happen even in this video.

  2. Watching this on my asus 6z🤗
    Never faced any sort of vibration issue on opening flip camera.

  3. Sick fat ass reviewer! Asus is the best.

  4. Does it support HD in netflix?

  5. Ersahd bro what is the SAR OF ASUZ 6Z???

  6. I subscribed to the channel after this review.

    Truth stings. No friends…

  7. Should I get this or oppo Reno 10x?

  8. Is there a limit of 5 mins to the 4k recording on the Asus?

  9. Are those annoying, deal breaking factors of 5Z are still there ? !

    Zenfone 5 z my experience !
    The inconveniences I noticed in 5 Z are
    1. Holding in hand is difficult, weight through the corners hurt the palm besides the phone is slippery, very bad !
    2. While watching these utube videos, the navigation buttons stays on the screem hiding the video, and retouching is required to make it disappear . Hope you got what I mean. When on utube, forward backward or stop buttons stays there and blurs the screen and it annoys a lot!
    Hence stopped using the phone altogether !
    3. Not seen any app drawer , so inconvenient to search and locate any apps like calculator, calendar etc . Mess up!
    4. Not seen a proper gallery ! Perhaps I'm I stupid not to find it .
    5. No dedicated external memory slot in 5 Z great limiting factor for me ! Yes this they fixed in 6 Z , cheers .
    6 . In the settings, some functions are difficult to find which is buried within some folders. Crazy!
    7. The screen floats here and there while fingers scrolling the page up down for reading . Troublesome !

    I'm not bothered about notch . motorised pop up not essential for me. But other issues bothered me much .

    I had taken two 5 z's , but rarely used.
    UNLESS I'M CONVINCED THESE ISSUES ARE RECTIFIED, WONT CONSIDER 6Z AS A DAILY DRIVER. (Yes dedicated sim slots arrived with a much bigger battery ! )

    I'm still happy with last year's OPPO F7 with a lighter body, great selfie cam and most importantly amazing screen stability, no lag, lasting battery and no other issues noticed !

  10. The best review for this phone after I watched many. The most in depth review.

  11. What's the Sar levels on this phone?

  12. bhai oneplus lene me ek problen aur he ki vo chinese company he tho huawei jesa problem ho sakata he hame

  13. Durability is no question. Have a look at the jerryrigeverrything video and the video that Asus displayed on their India launch event. The module damn hard to break

  14. LCD screen for a approx. $500 phone in 2019 is a big No

  15. I will be hunting big foot with this phone.

  16. Sir does it support video calling

  17. Bhaiya muje aap bhot aache lagte ho aapka style i love it . Your smile is so nice . Lot of love sir

  18. so if one has to do an over all comparision between asus 6z and one plus 7 pro , which is the best buy?

  19. Asus and DTS X is dope sad op7 doesn't sound as a normal dac should sound wth oneplus

  20. Value for money phone all-round
    but lcd display is a deal breaker for me even if its HDR

  21. The best budget phone ever nowadays for camera and video….

  22. How is it display performance compared to previous Zenfone 5z ??

  23. ASUS 6Z is far better in terms of camera, battery, performance than Oneplus 7,oppo reno..also it has a headphone jack

  24. When Jerry approved this then your approval is not needed 😁
    But price could have been better it will be getting a price cut after redmi k20 pro

  25. 1+7 or 6z or reno ? which one to go for

  26. Waiting for k20 pro to smash these 2

  27. Please compare with Asus zenfone 5z and Asus zenfone 6z

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