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Asus Zenfone 6 Kamera-Handbuch | Getestet und überprüft

Tiefer Tauchgang und Test der Asus Zenfone 6 (2019) Flip-Kamera, die per Knopfdruck von der Rückseite zur Vorderseite des Telefons aufgeklappt werden kann – wie das Samsung Galaxy A80.

Technisch gesehen ist dieses Asus-Smartphone recht anständig – Sie haben ein 48-Megapixel-Primärobjektiv mit dem Sony IMX586-Sensor (wie beim OnePlus 7) und einem 13-Megapixel-Ultra-Weitwinkelobjektiv.

Die Foto- und Videoqualität ist stark, aber es ist die Wendigkeit der Kamera des Zenfone 6, die sie auszeichnet. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie zum Beispiel 4K 60FPS Selfie-Videos aufnehmen oder die gleichen hervorragenden Weitwinkel-Porträtaufnahmen (einschließlich hervorragender HDR) beim Aufnehmen Ihres Gesichts genießen können.

Ich habe die Zenfone 6-Kameratechnologie nun seit einigen Tagen getestet und hier eine Auswahl von Beispielen mit meinem vollständigen Testbericht, einschließlich eines umfassenden Einblicks in die einzigartigen Einstellungen und Funktionen. Schauen Sie sich mein vollständiges Auspacken auf Recombu an und bleiben Sie dran, um einen Blick auf den Rest dieses Smartphones für 499 Euro zu werfen!

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  1. #Asus Overall great phone but just miss the InDisply fingerprint scanner feature.

  2. Complete Package, no amoled, but OK

  3. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Does selfie mode give you a mirrored image/video or does it come out as it should? If pictures are mirrored I don't see the point of using selfie mode at all for any pictures. Quality or not, who wants their left being on the right and their right being on the left?

  5. 2 minute time limit @ 4k60fps is a real bummer…

  6. Multiple users has pointed out that the real phone weight is over 200grams not 190grams which Asus claimed to be. Also the real phone thickness is 9.8mm~10.8mm not 8~9mm which Asus claimed to be. I love the design, innovation of the phone but I really hate false advertising from Chinese company which they love to do.

  7. They add 5000mah battery because they need it to balance the heavy flip camera on top, otherwise the phone will be extremely top heavy and uncomfortable to hold. Also, the flip camera is 10.8mm thick, they want the phone body to be thicker 9.8mm, otherwise the camera module will pop up more than 1mm.

  8. It's a really great asus ZenFone best battery & feature

  9. can you tell me please how much maximum iso and maximum long time shutter?

  10. any personal comments on screen? could it possibly hold the phone back? day time photos and videos great, I'd like to see some more shots from indoors and especially artificial and dim lighting as that is where most phones fail and a true test.. that's what makes pixel so good
    fun review with a personal touch, thank you.

  11. Only big bummer with that camera that I haven't seen any other reviewers mention is the time limit on 4k recordings. only 2 minutes for 4k60?? 🙁 I was excited when I heard that it can still do stabilization at 4k60, but with a 2 minute limit it's really not good for a whole lot. Bummer.

  12. just 1 Q, does it shoot RAW on pro mode ?

  13. That HDR+ mode looks insane! Would you recommend this phone for a Vlogger?

  14. do you still notice our comments?? if yes then Zenfone 6 has recently got an OTA which has several improvements like-" Night mode" for front camera!!! please make a new video again on it. and make comparisions with regular Oneplus7 or Redmi k20 pro, If you can.

  15. Hello wich one this or a70? wichone has better cameras

  16. Where can I buy this phone??? I can't seem to find it online anywhere.

  17. Amazing ASUS, Amazing Zenfone 6!!!

  18. Thanks a lot for the reviews. I have ordered the phone just now and can't wait to receive it. Cheers!

  19. 6:37 purtroppo non capisco l'inglese, questo telefono fa dei video molto scattosi, Se non era per queste l'avrei già comprato subito.

  20. I just want more color available, not fan of black. Gonna buy it anyway but really want blue or white or something else. I found the purple/zylver ugly

  21. Goddamn this phone will sell like hotcakes.

    Hopefully other companies will take note.

  22. I'd love a 5.5 inch version of this phone!

  23. You can not use back cover in this phone 😂😂

  24. Being bald and talking about edge detection 😍😎

  25. 6:09 Lost my shit, funny as fuck

  26. You're the only reviewer who makes me laugh LMAO

  27. timelapse with the camera moving? that would be nice

  28. I don’t get why you have timers while filming ? Someone explain please

  29. How i can get this legendary phone?

  30. How is the sound distortion with loud volume recording ? (My wife has an iPhone and on festivals she still makes mint quality vids, while friends with Samsungs have intens distortion in the lower frequency (base)

  31. @tech spurt will you be reviewing #Nubia #RED_magic_3…!!?with camera and screen quality…!!?

  32. Toss up between this at I am guessing a price of 599 us for the 8/256 vs the One Plus 7 Pro at 699 which gives you a superior amoled panel, the fastest storage made and a slightly larger screen which could also be a hindrance. The OP7 Pro I feel is more pleasing to look at but also will produce less SOT but many reviews are saying anywhere from 4.5-6 which I am fine with. I believe the OP 7 Pro will produce better photos with future software updates and I would put my money on them for better software support. Now to decide which one to buy. Wish we could know a true US launch date for the Asus

  33. Can you do a comparison between OP 7 & ZFone 6? Just subscribed, loved your videos

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