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Beste Android Apps – Mai 2019!

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  1. Awful, audio only in left channel

  2. Just starting using abstruct and stuff. They're pretty nice, many thanks man.

  3. Okay, how do I submit my home screen, because the email that he had listed came back that it was full and could not take anymore emails. Can someone help please? Thanks!

  4. What is the name of this bezeless phone?

  5. How did you do that home screen set-up?
    The one with app on top instead of notif bar..

  6. Wow, I loved almost every app! Great list!

  7. Really useful and fun apps
    Thank you !

  8. Mrwhosetheboss has copied your content to some extent

  9. hay man thanks to your vid i was able to see some pretty dope apps – and im hoping to show one to you – there's an app called Touch Portal on android that basically gives you an Elgato stream deck but instead of 15 buttons you get the equivalent to 3 Elgato XL's on one page there's a free version and a unlocked version for $10 macros galore

  10. Jazakallah brother I got physiological app as an alternative to bad habit

  11. Who's watching this on OnePlus 7 Pro!

  12. are you paying 180 for Spotify while you can listen to free music? There are alot of apps that are the same as spotify

  13. Whats the icon pack used in the video?

  14. Does it have multitasking app.

  15. The best app is abstruct.It has the bunch of wallpaper

  16. Hi Zach, how are you today?

  17. My wallpaper moves try beating that

  18. Can you make a tutorial for your Android setup from last "What's on my phone video" ?

  19. How to make your Android look like ios 2019. ! Please

  20. I installed Twilight but can't find the same thing as Zach found. Just leads to make a wallpaper

  21. Thanks, But I think the video should have movies app for iOS and Android.

  22. Waiting for OnePlus 7 Pro Tips & Tricks! Great video my man!

  23. Hey Zack love your videos
    Also can you do a one plus 7 pro tips and tricks like you did for the S10

  24. Where can I find the mobile holder you used in the video?

  25. Literally not even one of these"apps" are good

  26. Lyne? Really !!! I used to play it in 2 to 3 years back.

  27. What app are you using in the cover of the video where app shortcuts are on the top of the screen?

  28. just found you .bought a 1 plus 7 pro.like your style.i subscribed.steve,a retired veteran in clearwater,fl.

  29. Good voice. Good video quality. Good channel.

  30. Not interested in any of those but thumbs up and thanks for the video! 👍

  31. where can i buy this phone?

  32. hope you well are doing well too, zack


  33. Wow is this setup on nova launcher ?

  34. Checkout my youtube channel for Best Nova Launcher Setups and Best Apps and more++

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