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Boris Johnson ist nicht Donald Trump aus Großbritannien, sagt der konservative Abgeordnete Macht & Politik

Boris Johnson wird die Nachfolge von Theresa May als nächste britische Premierministerin antreten, aber einer seiner konservativen Kollegen sagt, die Vergleiche zwischen Johnson und dem US-Präsidenten Donald Trump seien ungenau und Trump und Johnson seien sich in vielen Fragen nicht einig.
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  1. Two blondes who are good to make everybody in the world to hate U.K and U.S.A.

  2. Wow that reporter is so cute and polite 😂

  3. Boris Johnson is truly a no nonsense person which is a trait people have begun to see in Politicians around the World.

  4. Boris is a total joke..UK is going down

  5. Boris Johnson's views on Iran China and free trade are the polar opposite of Donald Trump's. He has in the past endorsed Barack Obama, and called Trump ignorant, stupefying and unfit for president of the United States. Wait till Trump finds that Boris will not suck up to him like May did.

  6. Not even close to being like Trump. Boris is not a sewer rat like Trump is.

  7. No he has 100 percent more braincells… That is he has 2.

  8. Is that girls hair stuck to her head?

  9. Then who is Canada's Donald Trump?

  10. Boris Johnson better return freedom to the people and free Tommy Robinson. May was a tyrant, good riddance to that evil witch.

  11. Great another arrogant privileged Aristocratic …

  12. Who cares what Doug Ford thinks. Nobody!

  13. Oh my god, this disgusting guy is proud of the populist wave!

  14. Naw, he is British Trump, as hand selected by the Russian online propaganda machine

  15. Ominous news app.

    Classiperu Kochupillai was an Australian journalist who visited Canada 🇨🇦 in the early 21st century to study the Bible, because in Australia, the natives discusses only current topics. When he came to Canada, he noticed that the ecosystems here had no monitoring formations that regulate photosynthesis. So he wrote a standardized protocol for measuring the growth of tress trespassing the civilized world. He was hired by a company to regulate organically trained “writers” to popularize the Australian standardized tracking registry called compliance with Auditors. He also put forward the idea of Egyptian street protest networking app.
    The lawyers in India 🇮🇳 heard about him and gave him the task of regulating exports of foreign doctrines that lead to writ petitions to the Supreme Court of India 🇮🇳
    The Australian fascists made him a great spokesperson of the medical community’s Indian community tracking app.

    -A graph cannot be drawn in the outskirts of the coordinates. The future cannot be tracked by softwares. Forensics is not an illusionist singing.

  16. God help canada with the people kind pm 90 days to go

  17. Lmfaoo DUDE?

    Unbelievably unprofessional and uneducated

  18. Congratulations to the new PM. I hope that he accomplishes much for Great Britain. Get out of the EU, an Illuminati initiative.

  19. Boris johnson:
    – cares hugely about the environment
    – has Turkish and islamic roots
    – pro immigration
    – pro police, reduced violence as mayor
    – pro free market, not tariffs
    – extremely intelligent and witty
    – Highly qualified and has deep knowledge in history

  20. "Populism" is a good thing. But all CBC hears is white supremacist facist (as if such people actually exist in significant numbers). TDS.

  21. Only if CBC focused as much on the issues that is happening under the current Canadian government. The drastic increase in crimes and decrease in permanent jobs, the foriegn diplomacy problems, the indigenous people living in worse conditions than they did 5 years ago and their complains completely ignored, and how corrupt the current government is. Instead of focusing so much on other nations.

  22. You know he's corrupt if Ford is saying he likes him. Ford's currently the most corrupt person in Canada right now

  23. Boy the liberals CBC sure hate Trump! Yet its Trumps economy thats saving the day. Defund the CBC!

  24. i have to agree with that. trump is a billionaire genius. boris is just another politician.

  25. Come on boris trump we love you like we love Donald Trump

  26. If he’s not then I’m sad

  27. Teresa may was also a liar to the country . Lets see what boris does

  28. How many years will the oligarchs in England defy the will of the Brexit vote; Democracy is dying in England!!!!

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