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Call of Duty: Mobil – NUKETOWN GAMEPLAY 60 FPS High Graphics (ANDROID / iOS)

Bildnachweis für TalkToHand:
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Call of Duty: Mobil – NUKETOWN GAMEPLAY 60 FPS High Graphics (ANDROID / iOS)


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  1. Is anyone else drinking this kool-aid w/ me??

  2. They should make a campaign

  3. Did you put the frame rate high?

  4. I have y9 2019 I can't increase the quality there is a problem????

  5. Play vs Boots 🤣🤣🤣 noob

  6. What is the control sensitivity plz tell

  7. Great gameplay, which devices are you using?

  8. Did you connect a controller ? Bcs i wanna try with ds4

  9. The map looks simple and fun.

  10. Hey man do video how we can download call of duty free

  11. this is better than bo4 on pc… prob has better player base lol

  12. How are people playing this already

  13. in 2020 we will see million of indians who play this game and thinking they a skilled because they are "good" in a mobile game haha currrryyyyy

  14. When dose this game drop? I can’t seem to find it?


  16. this reminds me of CS Source somewhat with the combat knife

  17. Literally port this on console and watch the fanbase soar.

  18. You can have the pass card for free that's just 800 cp and the data will be reset after any other release

  19. how did you got this game

  20. Nig it looks like u played this game your whole life

  21. Wow this game would be so good if it was on console.

  22. How did you play so fast with that phone controls? Or did you play it on your pc maybe?

  23. Those bots are very poorly programmed.

  24. Lol the moment you realize COD mobile is better than COD console or PC 😭

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