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Call of Duty Mobile für Android: Erster Blick!

Call of Duty-Fans haben auf eine richtige mobile Version des beliebten Schießspiels gewartet und nun ist es endlich soweit. Die erste Beta von Call of Duty Mobile ist für Android verfügbar. Dies ist Ihr erster Blick auf Call of Duty Mobile für Android.

Registrieren Sie sich vorab für die Beta-Version von Call of Duty Mobile für Android:

Wir haben das Spiel auf OnePlus 7 Pro (Snapdragon 855), Huawei P30 Pro (Kirin 980), Poco F1 (Snapdragon 845), Vivo V15 Pro und Redmi Note 7 Pro (Snapdragon 675), Nokia 8.1 und Realme 3 Pro (Snapdragon) gespielt 710), Nokia X71 und ZenFone Max Pro M2 (Snapdragon 660) sowie Redmi Y3 (Snapdragon 632)

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  2. It runs on my Nokia 5.1 plus in high settings by default…

  3. Battle royle in COD sucks…

  4. What about the apple users?

  5. Can I play it on snapdragon 450

  6. It sounds like ur not even playing indian

  7. I thought it will be good nah

  8. It’s amazing how modern games looks so silky and play extremely fast and smooth now on mobile devices. Yet, when it comes to retro games like NES, Genesis, Dreamcast, N64, etc. running thru emulator is not possible where the frame rates is extremely horrible.

  9. Why this game not availible on malaysia?

  10. Pupg like and cod comment,see which is best

  11. Jio phone users ke liye Ambani ji ye Dooty wala oplicotion kovi loenge 😅😂

  12. hello my name is Akshar and i see that you have a virus on your computer 🙂

  13. Call of duty mobile : How to install & play before release 🤩 and complete Gameplay ❤ , Better than Pubg ? 🔥

  14. Is this out now cause I can only register

  15. Who loves pubg like please

  16. How did you get this before they released!!!?

  17. Who else is still waiting for it in the UK

  18. Smfh he lit dude up at 3:12 but dude kills him anyway.

  19. I didn't get it till now, i have also preregistered for it…..

  20. I thought they requested users not to share game visuals since its still in beta version…

  21. Play modern strike online

  22. It will be popular but can't beat pubg

  23. Brother, i am a huge fan of oneplus brand, and I am really looking forward to win the giveaway by you, help me to win, I can't afford it but I really want to use it, make sure i can count on you, full support

  24. Don't mind but the commentary was looking fake

  25. Why the hell I am looking at your missing tooth. Lol

  26. Which mobile are you using

  27. He is like really bad at this game like really bad 😂😂😂😂

  28. Vote for PUBG …our pubg is best 👍

  29. Him: oh wow I died from my own grenade when I spawned after dying

    Also him: So far I have not noticed any bug

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