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China bereitet Vergeltungsmaßnahmen für Huawei vor

Huawei steht in Japan vor neuen Problemen. Einer der größten Mobilfunkanbieter in Japan hat beschlossen, die Verbindung zu Huawei zu beenden und stattdessen Geräte von Nokia und Ericsson zu verwenden.
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  1. Just imagine Huawei is a Russian company….

  2. Donate me your old pair.

  3. Damn turmp is going to have a bad time when world war happen again

  4. Cool chanel ,better then fake news on TV ,

  5. Subbed, easy to listen too and informative

  6. Viewer: Are you an atheist, Lew?
    Lew: stopped working

  7. Norhing wrong wi tunes except voice memos being linked. With it.

  8. Also gotta say i agree on the religious bit at the end in some ways. As a teenager until recently at 25 I've been increasingly more accepting of how being faithful in something even if it's not religion.

  9. In regards to the Youtube Red, or premium as its now called. I've used it for quite a long time, and for me its worth it for the music support. I don't think it was mentioned, but it included YouTube Music as well as Play Music.
    It also allows for offline mode, and in my opinion it's been a much better experience than Spotify or Pnadora. You apparently can also setup a family subscription to save if that applies to you
    In regards to Chrome going forward on disabling ad blockers it seems like a really bad time to publicly make a statment like that when Microsoft's new Edge on Chromium looks very promising. I personally have been almost exclusively using the beta on my Laptop since it came out, and only ocassionally use the latest open source bare bones Chromium. Aside from that Firefox has been the go to substitute for those who are concerned with Google's privacy woes. I mean the ad thing I can understand, but Google essentially tricks people into selling them their data. In terms of location, habits, voice, and biometrics for free apps with the purposes of feeding their AI development. Honestly I can see where people would feel that way as it's almost always some legalise talk buried in a twenty page privacy policy. For myself I figure if I click something allowing my info to be sent somewhere I assume unless explicitly stated to not send personal data that it's not going to be respected very much.

  10. I like Huawei products, but the Chinese in general are the biggest thieves on the planet. They steal intellectual property and sell it all over the world. Almost every large brand in every industry suffers billions in loses annually for China failing to enforce this, as well as any form of patient protection. This is really all its about. America simply wants China to stop stealing shit and profiting from things they dont have a right to make. The Chinese market is is totally closed to outsiders making profits, so I dont feel to bad for China, so this needs to be done, and double downed on if needed before China gets too strong and is in a position where they can do anything they want in any industry. The modern western world with political correct and constant focus on environmental issues is going to get crushed by China who cares about nothing except its own national interest in every way, even if it screws over the world.

  11. Softbank is more than a carrier…they bought ARM so Apple has to pay Softbank to make the Apple chips. …everyone that makes a mobile ARM chip does.

  12. Hell no to YouTube Premium! YouTube is hurting other content creators, all because the CEO of YT can't handle controversy from old media.

  13. Choosing between 100% chance controlled by US, and ?% x (number of evidence) by China.

  14. maybe Samsung is wining ? ..offcourse…people are kinda scared of buying huawei phones,i work in a store that sells electronics and people that woul'd be huawei customers go to samsung or apple now…

  15. Great episode as usual, guys. In my opinion, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", as they say. There's nothing some with 4G technology, and the introduction of 5G has had a lot of teething problems, including the fact that 5G requires more antennas inside the phone. Also, other countries are now worrying about the security of the equipment. Do we really need 300,000 Gigabits let second when we're out and about.

    Some of you might; this is just my two cents worth.

  16. Why don't China ban FEDEX. They are link with TRUMP.

  17. How will the iPhone sync with a PC ? For music ,large files ,videos?

  18. China and Russia have made a dial about Huawei.

  19. If China stops the flow of rare earth minerals to the US it will knock their economy just as hard if not harder.. Who’s gonna magically buy everything the US did from them.. Everyone is already buying from China and they won’t buy more than what they need. China’s economy is built on exports..

  20. Jordan comparisons? Get the F@ck outta here. Haha

  21. Trump and the U.S. are suffering from the small prick syndrome. They might even have smaller dicks then the smallest dick at Huawei. I’m an iPhone user since 2009 and lately P20 Pro and P30 Pro. I support Huawei and if Google stops supporting my phone I’ll be done with google too.

  22. All be well! I love our lord and our being here is beautiful!
    I love my family! So much!
    I haven’t been feeling well, I’m young like you guys………..

  23. Your here and there stay on the main topic

  24. This is all about trade and not much else. It’s also a matter of saving face by not accepting that China beat the west to 5G. I don’t understand it. Nixon betrayed the Republic of China (Taiwan) by normalizing relations with China. Then our corporations profited off of moving most production to China. Now our government want to punish China for being too successful as if they’re responsible for killing our jobs! I don’t know what they were thinking. Why would they buy more expensive American stuff when they already manufacture nearly everything at home! We weren’t buying Chinese goods back when we were a manufacturing powerhouse either.

  25. U talked about sports / science / company marketing / tech / even sports! Really liking the Lew Later Podcast guys, its dope!

  26. Youtube Premium subscription costs about 2x of my internet service , holy shit.. Don't worry Youtube i have everything figured out . i get no ads , bc i live in Syria (we don't have ads on Youtube here) and i can download any video as mp3 if it was a song on third party apps . I can't imagine my life on internet without free third party apps ..
    My point is , when they make subscription fee to a service like YT P /Spotify, or video games ..etc they never consider third world countries . 90% of people will rather not use the service instead of paying that much . That's why piracy is so important to us

  27. Guys, I make magnets in China, a manufacturer.

  28. Huawei is a better product and for less they KNOW THIS …..pitty on Samsung

  29. Lou, LOU. LOU!! I’ve been an iTunes supporter since it’s inception! I’m not happy with Apple at all! Not because they’re getting rid of iTunes, but because I’ve personally purchased over $3,000 worth of music over the past 18 years! Where does all that music go? If I have no iTunes in the iPhone iOS update, what happens? I graduated to Spotify reluctantly last year because I always held close to the idea that I want to OWN my music, not just have permission to hear it. What now Lou? 😜😜😝

  30. So they launch a 2019 iPod but they shutdown iTunes what the heck apple?. iTunes is a must for music collectors like myself yeah is a pain in the ass at times but a need at the same time.

  31. The annoying thing about google restricting addblock is google wont restrict add load and the ammount of adds.

  32. What microphone do you use in this lew?

  33. I like iTunes one place for everything. It's good if you travel a lot of places

  34. Heeeuuuj ne Belg met ne vraag. Way to go Roel Aelbrecht!

  35. Headphones doesn't have neodynium magnets you fucktard. Som big car audio subs do, however.

  36. Itunes, Apple 18 years and nothing new. WTF and US now Ban Huawei because of what? Omg US retarded nerds. Can't wait until China close Apple factory in China and more shit..then we see Trump crying and US because of him…

  37. Are u kidding me. Huawei don't work hard for nuthen. All they do is steal technology from anyone they can. Like one example. Huawei employees have literly broke in teck company's labs and stollen technology and ther still doing the same fucking shit today. Huawei employees have literly got caught lifting up a panel and taking pictures of a million dollar computer. Ther shady as fuck just like most Chinese companies. All they do is steal technology

  38. Huawei deserves everything it's getting all they do is steal technology from USA company's and Manny more acrost the world

  39. People needa no Huawei is a shaddy ass company. Huawei wouldn't be no where without all the theft and stealing of technology from USA company's and Manny more acrost the world. China and all of th her company's needa work hard and make ther own technology. Not just steal it from anyone they can

  40. Did anyone else see Otis lick the microphone

  41. I love iTunes. It took a while, but I came to appreciate how it works.

  42. I love iTunes to organize my music, it is the best program for that, when I create my lists in my iPhone and I plug it to my PC it automatically syncs and I have all the new changes in my PC. I hope the new app will have the same functionality.

  43. Lew, respect what your trying to do but you lose me about 3 minutes in every time. Need to be more straight to the point. Got me with the title but lost me with all the off topic narrative.

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