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China sperrt zwei Städte, um die Ausbreitung des tödlichen Virus zu verhindern

China hat zwei Städte – Wuhan und Huanggang mit einer Gesamtbevölkerung von mehr als 18,5 Millionen Menschen – geschlossen, um die Ausbreitung eines tödlichen neuen Virus zu stoppen.

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  1. Haram khana ka yahi nijam hai

  2. Thermal screening to allow people on public transit is baloney, the infected can be symptom list for up to two weeks and are infectious during that period of time

  3. Wow. This was only 3 days ago. Now it's the 26 and now there are 81 dead and almost 3000 people infected.

  4. A brand new virus comes from were? And what happend to chose protests lol

  5. lying liars going straight to hell. do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.

  6. this is all fuvked up! zombie war is coming !

  7. Why does the guy they Skyped, the one who took one of the last flights back to ground zero look like he’s in front of a green screen?

  8. O Jesus Christ this is turning into the phone app game “Virus plague: pandemic wars”

  9. Is that guy an airplane or what? Can't understand much of the info..eeeeeehh..eeeeeehhh..eeaaaaahh..eeerrrr..eeaaaaarrrhhh..

  10. just speculation but this same incident happend in 2002… it may just be me but in these circumstances it seems like the chines testing on the populaiton with the usadge of biological weapons or an attack by another contry against china using a virus that is suppresed in animals till it transfers from animal to human in the perfect condition.

  11. Where is Greta Thunder when the virus needs her?

  12. Experts are estimating the numbers of infected are over 100 k.I saw phone videos from Wuwan that people are falling down on the streets and cars picking up dead bodies from the streets

  13. They really need stop eating those doggy wild animals….

  14. it serves them right…the way they treat the animals over there is barbaric

  15. This deadly virus came from Hong Kong..

  16. So the continent of africa and antarctica are the only safe places

  17. Another reason to reject a dictatorship, they are too slow to respond to epidemic disaster because they have to calculate the benefit/risk of the disaster to the dictator first even before news media. Whereas in real free democracy everyone start to report in their own individual interests therefore we get the earliest report of the disaster.

    Early warning and earliest possible response. Freedom isn't just about feeling free, it's matter of your life!

  18. OK we got that how many dead. But how many have been cured? Anyone any clue?

  19. China has locked down…. 2 cities…..not that's 3…..oh now it's 4…..ok now it's 5…..hold the phone….oh…. No issues….no problems…..no worries….😷💉😷🤒🥴😠💉🤕🤕🤕😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷💉💉💉💉💉💉

  20. There are definitely tens of thousands infected and hundreds if not thousands dead. The Chinese government is lying about the numbers. They wouldn't quarantine a city of 11 million if only a very very small percentage of that number is showing symptoms.

  21. The media blows everything way out of proportion using fear mongering to gain raitings.


  23. Yeah. Get me some of that Bat Soup! Yeah. YEAH! Woohoo

  24. It's gonna spread no matter what. Too late

  25. Anti Vaxers….Can finally get their wish!

  26. China will not going to disclose what exactly going on! They will protect their stock not to crash!

  27. the whole China has the damn virus duh nobody can't figure that out yet🤦🏿‍♂️

  28. 2? It's about 12 in some places online, and 15 in others. China is deliberately misinforming the rest of the world with the exact numbers. Get your facts straight CBC!

  29. It's the Russians they have no cases

  30. Is this the second or third outbreak coming from China? SARS, Avian influenza, now this….. what's going on China?

  31. So glad to see the people NOT falling for this. The coronavirus is a virus that affects the upper respiratory in animals and very mild affects on humans…

  32. Biological warfare. Coincidence Chinese New year, people travelling a lot.

  33. average age of dead, 73..

  34. This is the beginning scene in I AM LEGEND. Yup its happening. Better get the red mustang, your dog and ar15. Remember, he lived 3 years with his dog. He died 1 day after the woman came along. Think about that.

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