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ConstraintLayout Tutorial Teil 2 – MATCH_CONSTRAINTS, RATIO AND BASELINE – Android Studio Tutorial

In Teil 2 des ConstraintLayout-Tutorials werden match_constraints und ihre Spread- und Wrap-Attribute näher erläutert. Außerdem erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ansichten wie ImageViews auf ein bestimmtes Seitenverhältnis einstellen (z. B. 16: 9) und wie Sie sie verwenden die Grundfunktion zum Ausrichten der Textenden aneinander.

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  1. Thank you so much for the videos! Very good explained, although I prefer working with the XML, still it was really good presentation!

  2. That ratio thing for view objects is really handy (no, not a mobile phone 😉 for rigging menu button in perfect squares around their icons

  3. The ability to set ratios for the view object is really handy (no, not a mobile phone 😉 for setting menu button to need squares around icons

  4. 6:10 How does layout know it has to put the small picture in front of the big picture, and not the other way round? In other words, how is this display priority determined in the xml-layout, or in the coding?

  5. Great tutorial, just phenomenal. I am currently trying to develop some HUD futuristic interface for my mobile app, and this really helps. Nice, compact, just the best android tutorial i could find. on youtube. Keep up the great work.

  6. have been watching this guys tutorials a lot. i end up feeling weird when he finishes his video with out saying "take care'" at the end. got so addicted to it.

  7. RelativeLayout, LinearLayout & AbstractLayout disliked your video

  8. Thank you for your informative videos! I'd like to make the ImageView expand (or contract) to be as large as possible, but sits at the top of the ConstraintLayout (or some place besides the center). In the old days, I'd just set the ImageView to match_parent and scale it to fitXY. What's the solution here?

  9. the last tip stole the show. really difficult to do with any other layout

  10. 哪个大佬加个中文或者英文字幕,听力不太行

  11. very clear explanation. thank you.

  12. Very Nicely explained, I am an experienced android developer and needed to learn about this new layout, but I was avoiding it..but thanks to you I undertood it quite easily.

  13. hello sir thank you for this tutorial and keep as is you are perfect theacher

  14. guter speed, ich hasse diese leute die 20 minuten videos machen und nur 1/10 des informationsgehaltes dieses videos beinhalten und sehr hilfreich danke!

  15. i love you man you are awesome

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