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Coole Telefonkonzepte, die fehlgeschlagen sind

In diesem Artikel werden wir uns mit einigen coolen Konzepten befassen, die mit unseren Mobilgeräten angefangen haben, aber nie auf den Markt kamen und nicht zu einer Massenakzeptanz führten. Erinnerst du dich an einen von ihnen?

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  1. I liked having a physical keyboard… so I would say sliders should make this list. They were nice to have but virtual keyboards have long phased them out. First one I can remember coming onto the market was the Nokia Sidekick. Also while it is very rare and I've only seen very few models that had one… a FM receiver that would generally use your headphones as an antenna.

  2. I owned an LG 3D MAX and used the heck out of it because of the (obviously) 3D screen and audio, but the battery died on me and fhe power button is destroyed from clicking to much :-/

  3. The Motorola Atrix 4G Webtop mode was a Hugh flop. I had one. I also had an LG Expo. It was kind of nostalgic seeing it in the video.

  4. Maybe u forgot about modular phone.. phone that we can disassemble its features whenever we want.


  6. Gotta say lg has done quite a few cool things in smartphone industry in past times

  7. lame Old film FX took video's credibility down the toilet.

  8. I used to have that lg That bit turned off every 5 mins

  9. Iv had the zte axon m for a year and been my main phone since (x trust its an amazing phone and we'll worth the money

  10. ok watching it yt on a normal screen isnt helpful what what is meant by 3d screen

  11. What the heck is a valueable optical zoom?

  12. Phone features are new cars looking the 3rd party highway to make them cool. No highway for that tech. No where to go for the tech. Real features rise above catchy fads.

  13. wait…. you put the red phone as your thumbnail, but don't include it in your list?

  14. I sorta admire the Air Gesture system in the 4th Gen Galaxy phones (have an S4 and a Note3) and they work spectacularly when you have dirty ass hands and don't want to wipe the screen after. But I also see the reason why they never skyrocketed, though.

  15. I personally own and use an Axon M. I suppose some people's taste's aren't set for it but I love the versatility of having two screens hinged together. I believe a refresh with modern curved glass screens and a better screen to body ratio would be awesome while we wait for foldable screens to become a viable/affordable choice.

  16. where are the good ideas?
    and the red phone failed because it was a camera company that had someone else make their cell phone camera,, it was the dumbest thing in the world. Imagine buying a bow phone that had honda make the phone

  17. The Galaxy S5 has to be the most feature-rich smartphone to date. Water resistance, SD card expansion, removable battery, IR blaster, headphone jack, fingerprint scanner, and the display that works with gloves on, as well as the “hovering your hand over the display” feature. Nothing beats it, especially its successor, the S6, nor the newest phones.

  18. Motorola Backflip is one phone that came to mind. Or the Atrix 4G docking features, samsung did a refresh on that.

  19. the projector motosnap is pretty neat. very useful.

  20. Postscriptum…… Amazing video 📱📱📱

  21. There is any port for the Air Gestures?

  22. Who else came here because they saw the thumbnail phone on judge rinder

  23. Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" set the stage for all this technology, which includes swiping, pinch zoom and gestures.

  24. First time watching one of your videos, so a few thoughts: (pardon the lack of line-breaks; my YT client doesn't allow.) For one thing, I really appreciated the clarity of the information you presented. You speak clearly, not too fast, and do a good job of explaining things that need explaining while still giving your audience some credit. (It's a tech channel, if we're here we probably already know SOME stuff…) Secondly, I feel like the "retro" filter over pretty much the entire video was a bit much. I understand setting it and leaving it since almost the whole thing is a flashback, but it became fatiguing after 15 minutes. Keep up the good work!

  25. Lg g8's stupid gesture

  26. Missing the Motorola MPX 300

  27. I still miss when phones were universal remotes….

  28. I remember Asus Padfone series where users could dock their phones into bigger screen tablets. This have never took of either and I loved my Padfone back the days. 🙂

  29. Me and my friend had the original BB Storm when it came out the thing that was noticeable right away was that the clickable screen design made the phone susceptible to liquid entry. I found that out the HARD way was coming home from an appointment and I was walking from the bus stop to my apartment in college and got caught in a sudden downpour the phone started malfunctioning almost immediately afterwards I turned into Asurian cost me $50 then the replacement unit had non-liquid related failures so I went to a corporate VZW store to get it warranty exchanged after that I was done with that sucker and as soon as I had the money I dumped that thing like a hot potato!

  30. Apple knows what’s good for you

  31. In regards to the Axon M I think pricing and improper marketing hurt it…

  32. I wanted a BlackBerry Storm so BAD!

  33. You forgot to mention the modular concepts and, or as we've seen Lg G5 , Motomods…

  34. John V the part over the Zte Axon M is Bullshit you know why? I tell you why, if that phone had an SAMSUNG Badge and if it came on all carriers or unlocked all you reviewers would have praised that phone. Don't blame zte the axon is still the best at giving you 2 screens.

  35. nokia n gage sideway spearker is reat for this era of big screen smartphone

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