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Das Betriebssystem von Huawei ist besser als Android !?

Huawei OS BESSER als Google Android !? Aufgrund der jüngsten Sperrung / Sperrung von Huawei in den USA haben sie sich entschlossen, ihr Betriebssystem HongMeng OS, Oak OS oder Ark OS (viele Namen zu diesem Zeitpunkt!) Auf den Start des Huawei Mate 30 Pro vorzubereiten Flaggschiff, das um Oktober fallen sollte! Dieses Video ist alles, was Sie wissen müssen! Würdest du es versuchen? Würden Sie Android oder iOS verlassen? Lass mich deine frühen Gedanken wissen!

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  1. ➡️ What u reckon guys? Will it be better than Android? 🤔

  2. It's too late to dethrone Google Think about it windows tried and failed Samsung has their own and have been developing it for a very long time but it's still to be remotely close to either android or iOS. They've built up such a vast inventory of applications and devices that in order for a new OS to succeed it would have to offer everything both platforms already do plus that in which what they don't.
    At this point it's not an os but a sidebooter if anything if it's running android apps.
    The amount of apps and licensing both Apple and Google have is ridiculous and Huawei has the slimmest of chances of ever being a threat is the software realm at least in western markets anyway.

  3. Whether it's better or not I'm glad there's another option out there. Google has become quite complacent of late and the entrance of a Huawei OS will shake things up. I'll be supporting Huawei for this reason.

  4. https://youtu.be/S-KvAV-oWjI Install Google Play Store into China Android phone.

  5. HUWAEI give me the OS, I will test it in my phone. I have experience with resurrection remix, lineage os, cyanogen mode today called lineage os, viper os etc. I was an hard core fan of Custom roms while using Samsung devices in the past.

  6. Huwaei be confident, please introduce a new Os. Look at Samsung which had introduced Tizen in Smart Tvs and watches, I am using Samsung Smart Tv and I am completely satisfied with Tizen Os.

  7. I need huwaeis os on my honor 9 lite. I don't need playstore or google services. I like Huwaei and its Hisilicon Kirin processors a lot.

  8. Huawei is the best phone I have used. look forward to this

  9. this is soooo refreshing will definitely subscribe

  10. I never use android phone ….I prefer iOS … and lets see this

  11. I LOOK FORWARD FOR AN ALTERNATIVE GOOGLE SERVICES. In return China should stop manufacturing iPhones. Getting rid of google is better. It's not just a search engine but the most advance spyware too.

  12. Trump and his America they looks like Goliath he want to control every one in this worldwide

  13. The Chinese use since years their own System and this System is 2 times faster and needs half of the Ram… I do have a Chinese phone from China… nearly all Androids are working, but not Gmail, (but outlook) Google search as the app is working, Youtube no chances but on the Browser, it works,…

  14. mi a proud xioami user (pun intended) may try out ark os/oak os/hongmeng os

  15. A little competition doesn't harm anyone! Makes them improve their products and drop the price.

  16. Where is this new ops system if it's so great? They just announced the mate pro 30 with nothing?

  17. No. I tried the demo out myself, does not convince me at all. Still a loyal Android user.

  18. China is turning into a real superpower. USA is panicking for good reason!

  19. On the one hand I think it is good that Google get's some competition. But the fact that the Chinese Politics is so intertwined with Chinese businesses and that Chinese politics use their grip on Businesses to further strengthen their grip on the world and people's freedom makes me hesitant to adopt a Chinese OS. I would prefer an European OS. But we have completely failed our own industry 🙁

  20. Oh well, goodbye Google, good riddance. I miss Symbian, actually, definitely NOT android, so this looks promising. As for all the rest of Trump spyware, sorry I mean Google apps, couldn't care less.

  21. Apple, USA, google deserved to die. They are so bad players…dirty. I will never buy anything from usa

  22. Huawei make your OS OpenSource.

  23. Layout looks like an Android I’m
    Good… give me an actual new OS

  24. I use a cheap Chinese phone. TECNO. Good pictures, ROM, and yes the performance is good. I guess without the Google stuff consuming my storage, it can perform 60% faster. Hongmeng it is your time

  25. i think thats the best thing to happen to huawei they don't need google.
    thier tech is amazing and i think having thier own os is a plus for the company

  26. I've got a P30 Pro and it's a fantastic device. Huawei all the way for me now.

  27. personally I would try the new Huawei OS just to see if it's faster and better than android? And if it's better might stay with it. But like all things have to check out the fine print.

  28. Great that Huawei and other brands are breaking away from dependence of U.S. OS and even if Trump lets Google trade with Huawei again, Hoawei should continue providing phones with it Hong Meng or ArkOS as an alternative choice for customers.

    My next phone will be a Huawei with ArkOS.

  29. Google is too bloated … it would be good to have an alternative

  30. HUawei should make a fine ui for their phones 1st

  31. The so called trade war is a series of sanctions by the USA who are getting scared for competition

  32. If they can't beath, BAN them. ugh, US 🙁

    GO GO GO Huawei!!!
    P30 Pro user here!

  33. ive got a Xiomi phone, and if this is true, im excited for this new OS

  34. It’s about time they’re is a competitor to iOS and Android. Brovo Huawei !! 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾💯💯💪🏾💪🏾

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