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Das Huawei-Verbot erklärt

Alles, was wir über das verheerende Verbot von Huawei durch die US-Regierung und seine Auswirkungen wissen.



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  1. Hey dude love your videos ….. but can you try reduce echo please. #notoxicity

  2. NEVER to be NAIVE to believe the shit like "DON'T BE EVIL", u are "EVIL" if u are on the opposite. Google is a no doubt a great company, but it is a us company after all.

  3. Do you know, James Bond phone's brand was Huawei? 😂 😂 Well its great.

  4. It’s national security, stolen IP and industrial espionage. Trump just has the balls to pull the trigger on it

  5. Oh no i have that phone o_o

  6. If china permits trump towers in china..

  7. Android is open source. They can add some features and are golden. The problem will be with Google Maps. There's OpenStreetMaps for now but they'll have to develop a better solution. Netflix hasn't

  8. Microsoft and Google use telemetry to gather information about every day people for marketing. And this is done with people knowing that it’s happening. Wauwai’s CEO was arrested on charges of espionage. They were, on behalf of the Chinese Gov’t, trying to install listening devices in the very infrastructure of our nation. That’s a very serious thing and you just trivialized it as some kind economic issue. We take this very seriously. China has really embraced capitalism, but they have a disdain for democracy. I wonder why?? I think it’s time we move our manufacturing out of the Far East and into India, Turkey, Central and South America. At least those people are free. Working w/ dictatorships never works out. You’re German. You should understand this better than most!! “No”, we’ve done our part in helping pull the Chinese out of poverty. It’s time for the Chinese people to take control of their own Gov’t and their own destiny. And for the free world to mfg it’s goods elsewhere. It can’t be just about dollars and cents.

  9. The smartphone is one side of this story; telecom equipment is the other side. I think the smartphone market has already been lost to cheaper products, but not the telecom equipment market yet. China sees both markets as essential for its future economy and the plan is to dominate both markets. The government strongly supports Chinese makers as a long term plan. Those makers acquire the knowledge that is key to building high tech products by any means needed. Intellectual property is stolen and magically patented in China.

    To build products in China foreign companies must disclose all trade secrets for making the product to a local company, and majority control of the local company must be Chinese. Once a foreign company shares its technology, they are irrelevant because the technology is given to other Chinese companies to exploit. For example Alibaba stole Yahoo's search technology, Chinese locomotive builders stole high speed train tech from Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries and so on. All is encouraged by the government as part of a long term development plan.

    The telecom equipment market will soon boom as the whole world moves to much faster 5G equipment. Every telephone company in the world must buy completely new gear for 5G. Huge sales, and huge profits long term. Huawei has product, and they price it below cost short term, so they can win long term. That's their goal. And the Chinese government will help at way they can, with subsidies, patent laws, ownership rules and by locking out foreigners from the Chinese telecom market.

    It's a trade war, and it started decades ago while we slept. It will be a tough fight. To win we must have new laws. Meaning no foreign ownership of U.S. Companies. Blacklisting of companies that steal our technologies. Heavy subsidies for U.S. Research and Development. And most importantly of all, long term economic planning to aim for leadership in emerging businesses.

  10. So this is actually excellent news as it opens the door to new software and fuck google They rule too much already So i look forward to seeing some new software

  11. if google is belong to china , so ban google? ban ebay? ban amazon?

  12. Its nice video. fully informative.
    ik new video aai ha Huawei ki ban hony ki wajha per zaroor visit karan nichay link pay

  13. Great content as usual! Your channel is a real gem. But don't you think you should consider other ways of showing support besides buying merch? I mean, people need only so many stickers…

  14. Security updates on a Huawei is like saying CLEAN COAL.

  15. Anyway china has it coming seeing how they're treating Muslims.

  16. There's a great deal of hypocrisy on the part of China because they've been banning US companies for years.
    I believe Trump is trying to destroy China's tech industry. It may be too little too late, given all the technology transfers happening since the Clintons were in power.

  17. Couldn't have anything to do with their terrible business practices, like: espionage, IP theft, hardware theft, patent infringement, illegal surveillance, misleading marketing, security exploits & questionable banking, religious & political practices. Huawei is a deceptive company & I don't think anyone should do business with them. They have basically cheated their way into the marketplace. They are so bad there is an entire Wiki page about their problems.

  18. Its cause huawei just keeps stealing from other companies
    No one talks about it

  19. Just another misguided publicity stunt to appeal to American's rage at the death of the American dream and empire. It costs The Rump nothing politically and appeals to his brain dead rally attendees and their misguided belief in the possibility that America will return to an idyllic past not ruined by Reagan, Clinton, the Bushes, Obama, Trump and the banksters they serve! If the rump wanted to help America he would've taken the money he gave to the wealthy and paid American workers to fix our infrastructure. Billionaires don't care about the regular guy and gal so quit dreaming already and yes tv programming and public schools had their desired effect: we're a nation of morons, idiots, and dumbasses. A nation of sheep ruled by psychopaths!

  20. Well China ban Facebook and Google, and this is US right to do the same.

  21. 3:48 are you talking about SafetyNet? That only checks for any modifications of the /system partition, so it's really easy to bypass anyway, and besides it has yet to gain tractions among apps. Very few apps, even banking apps, use the SafetyNet API

  22. Isn't it weird how much preparation Huawei has made for this? Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

  23. Trump is doing it for America.

  24. DO you remember when the NSA try to dismantle BLACKBERRY because they had no back door entrance …they force them to provide their source code or be expelled from USA market …. THE FUCKING AMERICAN SLOGAN IS ''my way or the highway '' no wonder USA smocks are the most hated in the world !!! NOW WITH DONALD DUMP even worst !!!

  25. That trump is a dick for believing that everyone who isn’t on his country a threat, it’s just seems wrong for a country that preaches freedom, democracy, equal opportunities, and a lot of good things to ban something that could affect a lot of people. I don’t live in the US and my country is rather poor and technologically inferior to others most of the time seeing this just…. I’m just dissapointed at a country that I once admired, I guess the American Dream is dead.

  26. loosing access to google services? wow that sounds very attractive I trust the Chinese government more than the American

  27. One thing you missed – Huawei has been stealing U.S. IP as well as other Chinese companies and has been caught repeatedly hacking into top U.S. tech companies – also Meng is guilty of some charges from the U.S. perspective – nominally engaging in trade with identified terroristic countries after she mislead the U.S. to believe she wouldn't

  28. Trump? Dangerous and irresponsible? Where have you been for the past 2 years. Welcome to the best deal maker ever.

  29. Huawei is not innocent , they wouldn't be on 2nd position if they didn't copy or steal others researchers , innovation and use them on their phones and business , there are many proofs of Huawei being guilty , Starting with CISO and most recently T mobile ,

    Huawei is caught for cheating on Phone Benchmark scores
    It's pretty easy to steal things from other competitors and use them to cut off the competition.

  30. But weren't Huawei using backdoored hardware in their smartphones? I think that is part of the reason why Huawei have been blacklisted. Instead of blaming trump, how about holding Huawei accountable? Since they are exploiting everyone's security and privacy

  31. I think the other biggest issue apart from Google services is losing access to ARM licensed technologies but I would like more info on that.

  32. I'M not worried. I personally think a competition to Google is in the pipeline. Those Chinese are self sufficient. Google is not be the only fish in the sea.

  33. It's 2019 and soy boys still haven't gotten Trump.
    Obama: What are you gonna do? Those jobs are gone and will never come back.
    Trump: Hold my beer!

  34. Also ARM, which is a British company and therefore not prohibited from trading with Huawei, is joining the ban on its own initiative.

  35. I don’t think so,oppo xiaomi all the Chinese cellphones maker will be effected by huawei incidents

  36. 5% discount for celebrating the beginning of Tech Cold War, hmm quite satire LOL...

  37. Although they have their own chips they still use arm tech so technically they can no longer make kirin processors

  38. The app store problem sounds like an opportunity for Alibaba to step up.

  39. It is all clear for me. Trump is just protecting US companies like Apple, Google, and allies like Samsung. Everything about this trade war is really that. Also Trump is protecting US tech and economic supremacy. And I think he is doing the right thing, because China do the same and even more agressively.

  40. @TechAltar . . . . So if I piss or put weed killer on my android it will infect androids eco system ? You fucking millennial idiot. Just how far are you removed from reality ? How long before you feminized cucks decide that Android has a soul and needs human right ? Android eco system ? . . . you fucking morons.

  41. What about micro G project? As it is open source, maybe big OEM's that get scared about it can focus on its development

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