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Das Huawei-Verbot: Erklärt!

Huawei-Flaggschiffe ohne Google oder Android? Das ist alles, was Sie
muss wissen.

Daumen drücken Huawei kann Dinge lösen. Der Konkurrenz zuliebe.


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  1. Well since China banned google, facebook, amazon,… this is just they reap what thry sow. China always insist on "fair and square" and US simply gave that to them.

  2. Trump is the National security risk.

  3. 3:58 thats like a very common thing for me hahahaha

  4. Samsung is very happy with this. This will secure their #1 spot. This trade war will also eventually threaten the relationship between Apple and Foxconn. Making South Korea a strong candidate to replace Foxconn. Trump is not stupid. He’s always a step or two ahead. Before blacklisting Huawei, I’m sure he has already met with Google and Apple to discuss this matter. Notice how quick Google responded to the blacklist like they already knew it was coming.

  5. so what exactly did you explain! All of this and much more is in the news!!! You did yet explain the 'Why?'

  6. America just got threatened by p30 pro🤣🤣🤣

  7. American engineer death Shane Todd and Huawei espionage was a lie in 2012.

  8. Let’s not forget Huawei still has 1.4+ billion people to market to in Mainland China. Their American market share is a drop in the bucket really. Huawei has been running their own version of Android and their own App Store in Mainland for as long as Google services have been blocked in China. The biggest hurdle will be the hardware aspect, but they’ve already made progress in becoming hardware independent as well. And as an expat living in Mainland China, you better believe they’re using their devices for data collection. Business ethics are practically non-existent in China, and it’s modeled and perpetuated by a government that does whatever they want whenever they want.

  9. I don't like huawei it's because my huawei phone didn't even last a yr… What a waste…

  10. Trump's just being a DI*K as usual…

  11. Wait Huawei was never in US and Donald Trump and Washington Have evidence of spying already and 5G??? RIDICULOUS! Make no sense Americans said it could spy but it did it happen?

  12. 4.3 MILLION views! Good work on this one, congratulations!!!

  13. I was thinking that you could still download the apps without having them come out stock with your phone. That was my theory. Because you may not get updates from Android but Huawei already uses their own interface. Maybe you as a user can still use the apps, just getting them won't be as easy

  14. I am still Using Marshmellow and its not the end of the world!!!

  15. If this doesn't get fixed China rescues them like US is trying to screw them. All China has to do to end it is ban apple from making phones in China. Everything gets fixed real fast.

    NSA recording our calls saves us from phoney terrorism, China maybe kinda being able to maybe kinda do it gets this? Fuck all governments, the real enemy of free men everywhere.

  16. What does the Trump ban mean for OnePlus in the future??

  17. As a Chinese I don’t have a good impression of Huawei all the time. Maybe because I have a higher standard for them. But after this I will definitely buy a Huawei phone rather than iPhone to support them.Everything will be hard for any tech companies from China (like one plus)in the future if trade war is still going . And actually iPhone is no longer popular in China THEY’RE SOOOO EXPENSIVE

  18. This will absolutely have impact on many american companies… So Trump surely will change his mind when the money stops flowing in that direction.

  19. This is gona open up the market on Google and the like competition

  20. You mentioned Huawei is (or was) number 2 smartphone company in the world, however here in Mexico for example Huawei has been running a very agressive marketing campaign giving 2 x 1 smarphones, you buy one and get another one free, makes me wonder how they got to the "number 2 position" and whether this is a good indicator of their "success" in reaching that position. I have never seen any other smartphone manufacturer giving away a second handset.

  21. Huawei first Symbian 5.0 phone.. coming up next!

  22. Microsoft? Go Linux! Far better operating system and open source.

  23. Dude you didn't do any research. This all has to do with 5g!!! The US won the 4g battle which gave $100+ billion to the country. If we win 5g we would have an estimated $500 billion gdb. Also why AT&T has said they are releasing a fake 5g update to iPhone. The new iPhone will say 5g but they aren't 5g…. This is all a bullshit stunt. Look into that before making a video saying it's about parts

  24. 5:16 but Kirin can't be made… ARM…

  25. 4:01 but most companies take 1 year or more to push newer version of the android , so unless app updates stop, which would stop that i heard from one Indian tech YouTuber, then problem in using devices of Huawei

  26. What if Huawei takes it as a war and ban apple in China 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Huawei sells minerals to us you white are fucked hahhaa
    Even Donal trumb be fucked

  28. God and I just bought honar 8x help me mkbhd

  29. seems like americans gettin insecure of the chinese stealing their monopoly

  30. Can some One explain who the Fuck buy Huawei phone?

    Even people in India Don't buy China ShIt

  31. Just stupid… just need a non us non china company to bridge shit

  32. This is the situation where partially owned subsidiaries can be made to circumvent the ban. Every company is a separate legal entity regardless of who owns the shares. Google sells to Insert Name Ltd (subsidiary) a license with sellable rights attached and there is no direct business being done.

  33. That's just stupid, so all those companies in the US that make those components will notice a sudden decrease in sales… good job Trump. And o yeah, RIP Huawei, do you realy think people will just jump to another OS? Forget it. they're as good as dead without android.

  34. Capitalism…monopolism…..'merica

  35. This ban is such a short-sighted move by Trump, but such is the pattern with this administration… all about what happens now using simple minded "solutions". This will do a lot of damage to US credibility and to the US tech leadership role in the long run. It's not just China who will take this to heart. You can bet other countries are taking note and preparing for plan B as well. Overall, it might slow the Chinese down for a bit, but it alienates everyone and does not serve any long term objective for the U.S…. petty move

  36. Ban iPhone from China ASAP

  37. US making honest capitalistic moves and bans competition. Nothing more to see here.

  38. It really sucks when the US panics about everything and fucks everything up for everyone.

  39. Let's start a war now! Facebook data hacked by own govt , millions comprised. Biggest stealer of data are all US companies, Google,fb etc. If US doesn't need Huawei ban it's sales why blacklist it from US companies!
    China should stop giving manufacturing space, apple's components & chips , also ban every US Company from making any deal with Chinese market…. let's see Apple survives this😠

    In future US may ban OnePlus & other Chinese brands too

  40. The US fall down, The beginning.

  41. The big question is why this is happening, is it really about the chinese spying on us or is it about protectionism? Or maybe it is about Huawei blocking US Homeland Security from systematically spying on all of us? Those are the real questions that need to be answered. Personally I do not know, it could be either one or a combination of the above. One thing is for sure though, we need to get to the bottom of this.

    Also, regardless, Huawei got a lot of resources and the Android OS isn't really a modern OS like Windows Phone was, Android is much like Windows back in the last century, like Windows 3.11, if Huawei is smart they make a Windows 10 clone with hardware boosted virtual machines able to run both Windows, Android and IOS apps and maybe even Windows x86 apps, hack Android, Windows and IOS app stores, download their apps and deliver them from their own App store and program their devices to make request identical to requests sent from Windows, Samsung and Apple devices, respectively. That way their app store would be far richer than any other and with a modern OS capable of running all apps across the device barrier they might vene bring Google and IOS to their knees. Imagine a PC in your pocket, running whatever software you throw at it efficiently. A device that is a smartphone in your pocket and then wirelessly connects with your TV, mouse and keyboard when you get home and become a PC running propper Windows x86 apps when you get home or to the office.

    Huawei certainly got the money and the competency to pull something like that off. If I where their CEO, I'd do just that.

  42. If the US is worried about Chinese backdoors and they are blocking Huawei, couldnt China go tit for tat and ban Intel and Cisco parts for the same reason? They have backdoors too.
    Pot calling the kettle black.

  43. Omg great video, i forwarded it to tyt news

  44. Get all Chinese off of all those other brands. Facebook Instagram Snapchat and more and create similar but way more efficient beautiful animated holographic touch sensitive apps. And don't spread the love

  45. Google is not God. People need to realize this and start making their own choices where to download and get things.

  46. usa,google,intel:GOODBYE SISTER

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