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Das leistungsstärkste Smartphone der Welt

Das Asus ROG Phone 2 ist ein sehr leistungsfähiges Smartphone. Es enthält übertaktete Komponenten und eine unglaubliche Zubehörliste. Das ROG Phone 2 ist ein Gaming-Handy, sollte aber von Smartphone-Enthusiasten allgemein in Betracht gezogen werden.

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  1. Since when is mobile gaming this serious ?

  2. damn.. i just saw 3,000-5,000.00 flew out of my wallet

  3. YouTube detects Lew calling the 1st gen phone "Gay more focused" in the subtitles …..😂 bad YouTube, naughty bot…..it's gamer focused !

  4. Apple and Samsung: beefing over gaming expirience
    Asus: lest just make the most powerful phone while their in the moment

  5. what I will buy with my first pay check

  6. Why isn't the phone on? I mean really

  7. اتمنة عندي افلوسة

  8. ارقى موبايل شفتة لالعاب

  9. Apple: we will make our phones slimmer
    So it can work effectively

    Asus: we shall make our phones three times more thicker than an iPhone

  10. You should be happy its a phone!!! 😀

  11. NOOOOOO…. don't let Google ruin it!

  12. Her: Mmmm, what that finger do?

    me: 10:03

  13. Does the phone comes with or without those accessories?

  14. its kind of a mix of the switch, the 3DS and , PC

  15. Wow, literally half better than the Switch :lenny:

  16. Okay okay I vented I feel a little bit better I need all of these accessories this is the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen I cannot wait to get my hands on it the dual screen wow the gaming Dock and remote police shut the whole thing looks amazing and I must have it I will have it part of its already on the way

  17. Thanks a lot dude. I just watched your iPhone and S10 plus review that was great and then I wasn't paying attention and this damn video just came on his fucking video I'm really hating you right now why? Why! Because while I'm watching it and you just showed the little dock with the the Xbox Elite controller and now you're talkin about no fingerprint scanner and during all of this I'm on my laptop and I just ordered the phone 699 Amazon and I'm looking for the fucking attachments you're spending all my money dude

  18. this thing sounds like it run gta 5 on max graphics.

  19. How u buy these expensive phone

  20. I don't play games on my phone still i kind of want this phone. The big battery and 120hz are mostly the reason.

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