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Das schnellste Android, das ich je verwendet habe! – OnePlus 7 Pro Review

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Das OnePlus 7 Pro ist eines meiner Lieblings-Android-Flaggschiffe des Jahres. Es verfügt über einen nicht sichtbaren Bildschirm, eine aufklappbare Selfie-Kamera und einen superschnellen Fingerabdruckleser auf dem Bildschirm!

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Titel: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Annäherung an Nirvana – Sugar High

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't talk about the UFS 3.0 storage man. Out of all channels lol.

  2. I should show this to all the people that think Oneplus is some vague Chinese brand.

    Ive owned the original Oneplus, the 5t and now the 7 pro, and people finally start to recognize the brand but mostly because of the front camera.

    Its a cool and unique feature but the phone is so much more. Hardware but especially the clean android imo.

  3. The notch is so bad !!! any phone without it looks much better

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    This is a LOCA based Full Adhesive Tempered Glass that is also Fingerprint Sensor Ready.

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  5. Compare this with k20 pro 🙄

  6. Don't rightly trust or like chinese owned phones. If tech were manufactured outside of China, I'd gladly play a premium for it assuming its on the same level.

  7. The way this guy brings in the ad kills me.

  8. iPhone: I Need To Know Your Speed
    OnePlus 7 Pro : RiP iPhone

  9. Nice Review! , Where can i buy that case?

  10. Whats the name of the case ?

  11. So the missing headphone jack isn't something to complain about because only the s10 has it but the missing ir blaster is whilebonly the p30 pro has it

  12. You should review the htc desire 12+
    I got 4 weeks use out of mine. Even though it is currently an international only phone you can use it on an att network with 3g and some 4g and gsm networks only. Make sure the sim card goes in sim tray slot one or you will not get the network to work lol. I used the phone for about 4 weeks. Being around 200 dollars its ok. The battery life is like the best I have ever seen. The battery barely drained using YouTube for several hrs. It has a premium feel to it with the same elegant smooth design as the pricier htc u12 flagship phones which is nice. It has a really good fingerprint scanner. It can even scan a dirty finger and recognize it. It has a good bokeh feature on the camera app The power button as groves and the volume button is smooth so you do not accidentally hit one or the other button, a feature more phones need to implement in design. It has an impressively light feel to it for being so big. When you start up the phone you have to navigate a foriegn language and try to get to a setting to change that to English due to it being an outside the us sold by htc phone. You do get a pop up stating the phone complies with EU standards Meaning European Union which means that the phone will have much better security options available than a non EU phone which I grew to quickly love and was the one thing I miss. The bad side of the phone after 2 weeks I started to notice the fingerprint sensor not responding as many times meaning more times where I had to use the on screen password or code option. The camera is very unstable and overly sensitive and the tiniest movements cause a blurred or just plain bad image to occur. Like all bad designs the speaker is three holes on the bottom of the phone with poor sound compared to other phones. Talking on a phone call I had to repeat things or be louder constantly so the onther caller could hear. The phone on att prepaid had random connectivity issues and network blackouts while in a good cell coverage area which should not have happened since the phone was factory unlocked and gsm unlocked. The big number one issue I had is that the phone is not the slightest bit durable. Only one Fall ever no scratches on bangs just one fall. One fall while slowly on my bycycle going slow as possible spider craked the screen and rendered the phone useless as this also caused connectivity issues big time aswell and at this point the fingerprint scanner no longer works after the fall lol. My Samsung j3 2016 from back in the day was cheaper and could handle many falls and scrapes like a pro. I am a fitness guru and since ditching the disappointing Htc Desire 12+ I switched to the recently new Samsung active series and love my Samsung galaxy A6 so much. I guess it was a final attempt to try and love htc once more and either siltick with them or forget them forever. I remember yrs ago having an htc desire 536 with super loud speakers and incredible specs for its time for between 55 and 70 dollars. Htc has had thier share of issues and will probably face more as the company heads on a scary downward slope to maybe its final collapse as htc struggles to try everything its got to stay in the game. And it doesn't have much. Anyway. Its an excellent starter phone. Would not recommend it as your daily driver if you have had other phones. Switched back to trustworthy good ol Samsung. HTC is now nothing more than a memory.

  13. I love this video aspect ratio cause i can watch it at fullscreen on my s8 without loosing details due to the zoom, thank's linus!

  14. that dumb task switcher which suddenly became horizontal is the core android 9 experience
    why ruin already working thing

  15. For anyone wondering, the OnePlus 7 Pro CAN be submerged (safely), it's simply not rated. So it's not like rain is going to kill your phone.

  16. 5:22 he taps the oneplus to start it up which in turn makes it faster.

  17. I’m very curious to know if the 12GB RAM translates into longer battery life, compared to 6 and 8GB. Nobody made that comparison yet. Is it just future-proofing / vanity specs, or it really makes the processor work less, to compensate to the 90hz power consuming refreshing rate?

  18. why would you not watch movies on your phone? its easy, a good phone has a good screen, you can watch whatever you want without disturbing anyone and people judging you, also with headphones on you can really get into the movie.

  19. can always load the pixel camera apk to get good photos. and no headphone jack, no buy.

  20. The thing with OnePlus and the headphone jack is, the phone literally comes with a 3.5mm to type-C adapter. Keep this with your headphones and you'll never care about a headphone jack ever again.

  21. Look at how delicately he has to hold the phone while watching video, due to the completely lack of top/bottom bezels

  22. lmao I feel you on watching movies on the phone or MacBook Pro

  23. I've been using the OnePlus 7 Pro for 2 weeks now. It's wonderful but there are some problems: 1. The battery life is pretty bad for having close to stock android (that may be due to the 90hz refresh rate). 2. When you point and click you can see some "ai" feature automatically changes the contrast and tweak the image a bit. This cannot be toggled off which is sad. OnePlus listens to consumers for sure, but after come from OnePlus 5, 5t, 6, and 6t, they never changed that.

  24. Show us the Phone not dBrand Skin!
    It looks dBrand Sponsor more than a Review!!!
    Whats happening Linus???

  25. Fuck, that was a dirty finger. Jesús christ.

  26. What exactly means unlocked?

  27. no mention of 90 Hrz display ?

  28. any issues with the screen ??

  29. Not gonna lie, I'm watching this on my new Galaxy s10+ right now, and I'm getting kinda jealous. Good job, oneplus

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