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Das weniger bekannte Samsung Galaxy Phone …

Samsung Galaxy A70 (USA Link) –
Samsung Galaxy A70 (International) –

Das Samsung Galaxy A70 ist seit kurzem hier in Kanada erhältlich. Es handelt sich um ein wertorientiertes Mittelklasse-Smartphone, verfügt jedoch über einige Funktionen, die dem Flaggschiff Galaxy S10 überlegen sein könnten. Das Galaxy A70 verfügt über ein gewaltiges 6,7-Zoll-Display, einen 4500-mAh-Akku und eine 25-Watt-Schnellladung.

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  1. This device is actually $366 on Amazon right now – https://amzn.to/2XqZUqV

  2. I dont care about the Notes, A, M, J and Alpha phones that Samsung has. I'm only interested in the S series! Lol 😉

  3. In europe for me its for 399 euros

  4. I have the Samsung A30

  5. This or Note 8 for Camera ??

  6. I have an s10

    I would rather have this

  7. I'm getting the a50 basically a smaller a70

  8. I am in a dilemma… Help me one plus 6T or Samsung A70….money NOT taken into account… HELP!!!

  9. A phone for 500$ with a snapdragon 600 series take that against a xiaomi and u would see a batter phone for less

  10. I have a 70 and it's a great phone.. battery are crazy

  11. LoL I am watching this video in A70

  12. oneplus isnt budget…

  13. I watched this video on my Samsung Galaxy A40.

  14. I really like this phone. Unfortunately, i seore i would never again be seduced and used by Samsung ever again. Unfortunate because I have been a fan of samsung since S3, S5, S6 S8, 2 samsung TVs, a samsung tablet. 1 bad experience ruined it for me. Such a pretty phone Lew! Very nice!
    Hang loose!🤙

  15. The Samsung galaxy A70 or iPhone 7?

  16. a70 does not have good speakers at all. no stereo system speakers. which is a turn off. also the a70 does not come with ear phone. also on portate display u don't get a full screen view display u just get a 1/4 display unless u switch your phone to land scape to get the full screen view. this is a lots of cut from Samsung. if the back is plastic with no water protection that is enough take out from s8 or s9 or s10 but instead they cut off too much features from a70 . I just got a70 two week ago

  17. Nope…. they are using a 2D technology as fingerprint scanner…… In S10 , it's ultrasonic technology.

  18. So your selfie came out great but on my note 9 they always come out bad. When I'm previewing the selfie it looks great but the post-processing messes it up and makes it a little blurry. Samsung needs to fix it.

  19. Im from Chile and we have 3 samsung series S ( top of the line) A ( mid range/ all in camera ) and J ( low cost ).. and if u can you should check the A80 its insane

  20. I got this phone from the european market and its really just amazing.
    However the fingerprint scanner is COMPLETE garbage as it only unlocks once every like 5 times.

  21. I refuse to spend more than 350€ on a cutdown mobile PC

  22. Which model in your video? There's an MN an DF? Yours is what?

  23. I Max out my Note 9 memory lol

  24. Considering changing from iPhone 7 Plus to the a70.. Would u recommend?

  25. Which one should i buy, A50 or A70

  26. Its Well known now because you made a video out of it.

  27. I have the a40 and its white and it has that rainbow thing on the back too it's so beautiful 😍😍😍

  28. I've got a50 lol and i watched 4 movies with it going to 47% starting at 100%

  29. I'm using the Galaxy A70 right now

  30. @simplynaillogical this phone is HOLO

  31. I actually love the V cut at the top

  32. What do you prefer? S9 or a70? It's really hard to choose. Because of the 4gb of ram in the s9 and 6gb of ram of the a70

  33. A70 can be a better phone than s10 series but i have used a series for loong time and its battery life and cpu life is shorter than S series. Now im using samsung s10e and its way better than a series and im pretty sure about it.

  34. "I haven seen an "A" series device, prior to this"
    Lucky you.

  35. You need to unbox also the A80

  36. In 3:22 you said that it uses the Same indisplay fingerprint reader than the s10. This is completely wrong, the s10 uses an ultrasonic and the a70 an optical, wich means that the a70s is much more less reliable and slower than the s10.

  37. They saved money by not making it water resistant.

  38. We sell the A50 at sprint

  39. I just got an s10 plus literally today, I actually almost got this, was also looking at the a80. But ended up going all out. Since I got it as part of my plan, the monthly proie over the 3 years really wasn't that much more, for the 10 plus, especially since they had a sale going on, on some of the higher end devices. But if I was to buy It out right, there's no way I would have bought the 10 plus over this. £880 (which is what it goes for and will cost me) is still a massive chunk of money, for not a whole lot more.

  40. Apple doesn't have a headphone Jack Samsung users be like: how tf do u not have a in 2019

  41. Lewis the 2017 and 2018 A series were available in Canada at least here in Ontario

  42. Actually i am using this phone

  43. It's a great phone, I mean 4 the price and what it has I think it's good. I mean ppl tend 2 always pick on the smallest things, when they're not that big of a deal😐😒😒

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