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Der beste Android Launcher von 2019?

Willkommen zu meinen besten Android Home Launchern von 2019:

(0:00) Schattenwerfer:
(0:19) AP15 Launcher:
(0:31) Blackberry Launcher:
(0:46) LessPhone:
(1:02) AIO-Startprogramm:
(1:18) Flick Launcher:
(1:39) Blitzwerfer:
(2:06) Solo Launcher:
(2:24) Mint Launcher:
(2:40) Apex Launcher:
(2:57) Poco Launcher:
(3:12) Gesamtstarter:
(3:32) Yandex Launcher:
(3:56) Niagara Launcher:
(4:12) Liegestuhl:
(4:29) ADW Launcher 2:
(4:53) KLWP:
(5:17) Microsoft Launcher:
(5:39) Hyperion Launcher:
(5:53) Smart Launcher 5:
(6:19) ASAP Launcher:
(6:42) Evie Launcher:
(6:57) CPL:
(7:16) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition:
(7:37) Nova Launcher:

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  1. Glad to see Evie at the near top. Fantastic minimalistic launcher.

  2. Bro, how about the U Launcher Pro?

  3. What klwp theme did u use??

  4. I believe you can disable the ads in BlackBerry Launcher if you pay 79p a month to them. I mean, it makes sense – they won’t get any money to develop it and the BB Hub+ suite without a monthly subscription of some kind.

  5. Hey sir can you tell me how do you make your callout

  6. whatever launcher i try, I always come back to Nova Launcher!

  7. I love how they get straight to the point, keep it up!

  8. What's your total theme?

  9. Been using Nova for what feels like forever. It's nice to know I haven't missed out on any big shifts.

  10. Make video on launcher that Android user dont know but should know
    Outside or in Google play store

  11. Evie – is best smooth and simple
    Which they add more features

  12. Miss those days when all launcher use to be different and unique

    Almost all launchers sucks in Android

    Hardly 3-4 is good

  13. 4:16 can anyone say how to make the phone stand

  14. Does anybody know a launcher that is like the iPhone (don't hate, nothing icons or control center or mimics it) I mean have all the apps on the screen alphabetically, no app drawer, no hassle of doing it yourself?

  15. You roll man…. No intro…
    Straight to the point

  16. Nova Launcher is best of all time

  17. The most elegant and straightforward tech review on YT.

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