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Der Redmi K20 Pro ist der neue Value Champion

Das Redmi K20 Pro ist das am häufigsten nachgefragte Unboxing seit einiger Zeit. Es ist das neueste preiswerte Smartphone von Xiaomi. Der Einstiegspreis für das Redmi K20 Pro liegt bei rund 360 USD, was es zu einem unglaublichen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis macht. Das K20 Pro verfügt über einen Snapdragon 855, einen 4000-mAh-Akku und ein OLED-Vollbild-Display.

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  1. make sure its Global Version Rom so you can install netflix pinterest etc.. apps on google play

  2. the oneplus sounded muffled =/

  3. Software's a problem? Flash LegacyOS or the inevitable Oxygen OS port. They made one for the Pocophone, didn't they?

  4. Sir please unboxing Huawei nova 5 pro
    Please sir …..

  5. Why they removed IR bluster. I really find it very helpful.

  6. Give it a back! my Headphone jack hole. my phone can not defecate😭

  7. Retarded americans only have shit apple,aaaaaaaahahaahahahahaha,and China rule them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2:45 Specs are quite similar ? really ? One plus 7 pro is a warp charge 30 and has Dual Optical image stabilizer plus EIS. There is NO OIS in MI K20 PRO. This is where one plus beats Mi and the reason why one plus costs more.

  9. Thanks for the Demo.
    I was hoping to see Slow video Recording and its quality. Anyway, Thanks again for all the Infos

  10. once you get used to MIUI you cant go back to using an app drawer .

  11. Can someone please tell me what is the SAR value for k20 Pro

  12. Now the Lenovo z6 pro :3

  13. I'm in India, totally hate the Chinese UI. Stock Android has a far better UX.

  14. How much money did you get promoting it?

  15. If it wouldn't be so ugly though…. Why so many RGB things to decorate the phone? And wtf is that paint design on the back?

  16. Put that sim in that k20 pro man

  17. Is there a SD Card slot in K20? No one revealed this in any video.

  18. In China, people earn 700 dollars per month and for them lets say its not pretty cheap

  19. I m looking for this phone , finally it is the value of money

  20. Next phone in india 17 july ,all record hit this phome

  21. The issue is getting this phone, also why is the oneplus pro so much more in the UK than in America? 669 pounds is like 869 dollars yet in America is is 699, crazy

  22. Lou, try having no beard😉

  23. How an iphone looks poor compared to 2 those :p… Its apple. Nothing wow, crap

  24. in europe this phone is called xiaomi mi 9t ! but is there a difference between the two ?

  25. If you compare the percentage of the price of the phone with an average American salary and price again with an average salary where I live, you will see that phone for you should cost somewhere around 2200 US dollars. So be darn grateful, okay? ^_^

  26. Where can i get it?i was thinking through ebay but the sellers had a lot of negative comments regarding the phone including open boxes,used phones and phones that never get to the destination so any idea?


  28. The flagship killer killer

  29. Whole video waiting for the word "Pocophone" and finally I heard it

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