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Die 15 besten Smartphones des Jahres 2019 (unter 500 US-Dollar).

Sie haben von Redmi K20 Pro, ASUS Zenfone 6, OnePlus 7, Samsung A70, Xiaomi Mi 9T und mehr gehört … aber welches ist mein Favorit?

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  1. Clarifications:
    1. Correction for price of Pocophone F1 – £259, not £29 – Rendering glitch in Final Cut 😅
    2. The European Equivalent for the Redmi K20 Pro would be the "Mi9T Pro", but this phone did not end up getting announced at their event. Turns out your best bet may be to import the Redmi K20 Pro if you want the best spec

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned the Mi9, I bought it before the release of the K20/Pro and I am blown away by it honestly :)))

  3. Get smart with smartphones and using apps well in your smartphone..

    Here is a tip to make your smartphone, smart.


  4. I like the way you talk.

  5. Make a list on the best smartphone to buy your dad

  6. Love your vids, but your channel name is wrong haha. It should be "who's" not "whose".

  7. I'm happy with my £230 Moto G7 Plus

  8. i wish i could have 1 of those phone T_T. mobile phones here in Philippines like those are too expensive. T_T

  9. You need too add euros in the pricing, Btw your content is dope

  10. Looks like you copied Body language from MKBHD

  11. so basically, all the phones then

  12. If you have to choose between asus zenphone 6 and Galaxy s10e, which one will you choose?

  13. You forgot about the Samsung a9 😂😂

  14. Vivo iqoo
    Lenovo z6 pro
    Meizu 16s

  15. You could easily turn into a ASMR artist. Have you thought of that? Haha ♥️

  16. 300 dollars gv me only one choice my priority ( need best build quality)

  17. I hate u so fucking much man. U tryna sound cozy i fucking curry eater

  18. As for someone that uses the pocophone and comes from the nexus 6p, the pocophone is no what i excpected, camera isnt great, im not gaming too much these days and the screen is horrible.
    These days im searching for a good phone that is also very popular like the a70

  19. I prefer to iPhone XS and Samsung galaxy S10e as mid range phone😂😂😂

  20. Oppo Reno 10 X Zoom 😁

  21. G7 ThinQ? More like G7 Thank you hahahha

  22. kinda surprised the Pixel 3 or 3axl didn't make the list

  23. Lol yeah I'm still holding for a Huawei band lift… its gotta happen …

  24. 6:52 499 dollars equals 499 euro? how the f did you get to that result?

  25. OnePlus "Flagship killer"
    Redmi "Flagship nightmare"

  26. Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro or Galaxy A70 for great battery life.

  27. Why Samsung's note 9 is missing from the list?

  28. I think this is the best phone for 300$ no doubt :
    Snapdragon 845
    6gb ram
    hifi dac

  29. Unfortunately, the A9 from Samsung is missing in your list. A great smartphone and better than the mentioned A70. Fail! 👎🏻

  30. Many of he phones mentioned are missing US LTE bands

  31. Ultimate flagship killer: DONALD TRUMP!👏🏻😔

  32. Can you easily use phones from China in the US easily?

  33. Lg g7 thingq still expensive

  34. Im getting the A9 ik its 2018 but next year k20

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