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Die TicWatch Pro LTE wurde soeben auf 4G LTE-Kompatibilität aktualisiert und ist eine der besten Smartwatches des Jahres 2019!

TicWatch Site:

Schritte zum Aktivieren:
1. Laden Sie die 'My Verizon'-App herunter
2. Wechseln Sie zum Verizon-Offlineshop


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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this episode! I know a ton of you have been asking what my workout routine is – I've shared it in this vid and happy to answer any workout or smartwatch related questions 🙂

    PS. If you do grab the TicWatch Pro – enable the 4G LTE by doing the following:
    1. Download 'My Verizon' App
    2. Go to Verizon offline store

  2. I completely agree with you. I own a TicWatch Pro and I wouldn't change for any other watch; if mine breaks I'll buy another one. Simply outstanding.

  3. Hey man just wanted to know if you can help me I've watched this video and also your new apple watch series 5 since you used both which one would suggest this would be my first smart watch

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  5. Great review. Shocked I just found your channel after a year in the smartwatch biz.

  6. Ok but how much are the 4G LTE services? Cuz fam im already payin too much for that

  7. Another paid video…you are not an honest reviewer

  8. awesome review, i'm sold on this guy

  9. I used the TicWatch Pro for a couple of weeks and stopped using it. It gets super slow after sometime. And it's super uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. The battery life is better than other Android watches, but having two days is get less when you get more notifications or do activity tracking.
    Still waiting for a WearOS watch with at least 5 days.

  10. Do they have bluetooth version?

  11. Outstanding video! Thank you!

  12. Android watches are excellent for people who can’t afford Apple products

  13. Money is tight so I bought the Ticwatch E which is impressive for it's low price.

  14. Whats your analog watch with orange tap?

  15. Nice review. I'm wondering how the Galaxy Active 2 compares to this

  16. I never thought about owning a smartwatch but this smartwatch will probably get me back into the gym and I'll probably start working out just like you I don't want to bulk up but I just want to stay fit I am a 49 year old man and as I'm getting older I don't really care about both I just care about my physique just being tight enough you make good videos I love all the work that you do thank you for giving hopefully I can get the smartwatch never won nothing in my life hopefully I can win this

  17. This watch seems very interesting…will try to see more of it

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