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Die chinesischen Telefone von Huawei sind ebenfalls amerikanisch

Die US-schwarze Liste von Huawei schließt amerikanische Unternehmen von einem großen Kunden ab. Dan Strumpf von WSJ befasst sich mit der amerikanischen Technologie, die die Smartphones des chinesischen Unternehmens angetrieben hat. Fotokomposit: Sharon Shi

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  1. Everything huawai spair is come from USA company hahahaha not only Google even glas and hard weare hahaha since it's USA property it's USA rights what ever they want to use of their products hahaha I hate China anyway because of land grabbing on west Philippines sea go for boycotting China product,😂😂

  2. The people are the ones always getting screwed in the end . . . .What else is new with the Govts ?

  3. The Americans are afraid of competition and their president and his stupid team don't understand the meaning of cross border trade..
    What they do understand is bow down to the weapons contractor and Israel.. Wage war, send their youngsters to fight and die for the sake of money..
    Sooner or later.. Americans will be short of men..
    Time will tell whether when their women take over.. Will there be world peace..

  4. So I was right . Can't wait for Huawei's new OS so that I can get rid of that Useless Annoying Google Android . My next phone will be a Wuawei .

  5. This is y China has wechat n alipay
    Next Huawei 3.0


  6. US company could move the manufacturing to southeast asia

  7. Wow wow by looking at your title. What a big surprise and probably sponsored by Huawei.

  8. Google Maps, Gmail, Translate can easily be used without any apps. Just use a web browser. The high end phones sold by Huawei have a very small American tech footprint. Alternative suppliers will be used and the rest will be replaced by Chinese suppliers, the end result will be severe damage to the American tech industry, a real shame.

  9. It was actually The United States Government, particularly PRESIDENT TRUMP who put the ban into effect.

  10. You mean clones of Samsung and apples.

  11. Great video. Love the component breakdown.

  12. 0:18 Trump doesn't like your name.

  13. soon they will create a phone which is chinese. usa always underestimate the world.

  14. If most of the hardware and software is American.Then how can Huawei spy on them?

  15. And you WSJ said that it has spy inside….WHAT A WACK!!!

  16. Talk about the other side, about the American Phones are also Chinese

  17. I used Samsung , iPhone and Huawei phone .
    In my opinion Huawei is best smart phone .

  18. Wrong, there are even better parts that can replace the US ones, but they cost more which will make Huawei phones hard to compete pricewise

  19. meanwhile FBI arresting chinese-american cancer researchers at gunpoint. even americans working for american institutions are CCP robots right? Why do white people have to be this insecure about the middle class having access to well priced tech? I guess making news about evil yellow china man is way more important than finding the cure to cancer!

  20. Which huawei phone is that

  21. The Huawei CFO, daughter of its CEO, uses Apple. Tells me everything I need to know about Huawei

  22. Adobe After Effect is being ultilized I see :3

  23. Wall Street journal = clowns

  24. Still buying the huawei phone in August… when my contract expires… they can spy on me as much as they want.. lol

  25. What's to stop USA asking Google data?

  26. China can swallow what Trump can throw at them, can Trump face the growing opposition by the 600 businesses in America. Deng's ghost is haunting the trade war 'hide your strength, bide your time'.

  27. Not sure about Huawei but it was proven that Google is 100% instrument of USA government.

  28. Diaper Trumpet's diaper bag is leaking badly. Smells bad from coast to coast.

  29. The bugs they put in us bound severs still don’t have me convinced

  30. sharing technology lol, more like giving it away

  31. The real reason is the US doesnt have a 5G solution that can compete, so they are using this tactic until they can. I would support this if it was an embargo for the Hong Kong situation but its not, the US is lagging in science and tech because its run by people who think the flitstones is a documentary and so theyre using bully tactics. Tiawan Number One!

  32. The graphic desginer should indeed get a raise or a bonus at least. Come on now. He/she did very good.

  33. Aww…
    Whiny traitors can stfu now.

  34. such an explanatory content from wsj.

    buddy, just wait for another year and the us will be trembled.

    don't get me wrong, china is always ready for all possibilities.

    you have heard the '60% faster' Huawei OS, haven't you?

    the us has just woke up the sleeping dragon.

    i smell worse defeat for the us.

  35. Sad to see globalisation took a sharp turn like this

  36. Trump made Huawei Great. It is now developing its own OS, GlobalTube, and GPS.

  37. there are no proof that huawei is spying us , what it was proof is that FACEBOOK , AMAZON etc, are spying us. Stop saying that huawei new OS is going to be unsecure, whats is going to do , is to end US monopoly of spying everybody in this world.

  38. Android phone sold in china not come with google apps/google store already

  39. Nothing the Chinese can't create themselves or copy. Wait 3-5 years and they will have their own OS and they will produce all parts for the phone themselves. This would make Huawai more self sufficient and stronger

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